3 Factors To Consider When Creating A Baby Photo Book

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

3 Factors To Consider When Creating A Baby Photo Book

As a new parent, you undoubtedly have a vast array of photos already collected of your new family addition. Keeping them in your computer and on your phone are fine, but you may also want to put together a baby photo book.

Of course, that presents a dilemma: Which baby book photo will be on the cover, which on the pages in between, and which on the back cover? You might end up adding a lot more pages or even making more than one book! That's okay. You can't have too many pictures of your bouncing baby boy or girl.

Make several books and you can send one to grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who might want one. Your baby pictures would also go well on a photo calendar for next year. Grandma and grandpa would surely love one of those.

Let's look at some of the things you’ll want to consider when putting that baby photo book together.

Three Project Considerations

Before you start your baby book, consider the three following factors:

  • Does size matter? Pick the size book that fits in with your needs and desires. Will it go on the large coffee table? Will you keep it next to the bed on a small nightstand?
  • Pick a layout. When you make your baby book through an online source, several layouts will usually be offered. Pick your favorite.
  • Paper/print quality. You may also have options as far as paper and print is concerned when you create your baby book through an online source. This is a matter of choice and your budget. You’ll want to decide, as well, whether you would like to create a hardcover or softcover photo book.

Baby Book Inclusions

The following should be included somewhere in your baby book:

  • The baby’s date of birth and full name
  • At birth, the baby's length and weight
  • Full names of the parents
  • The occupations of the parents
  • Names and ages of siblings
  • Birth city and state
  • Names of the godparents
  • The child's first words and steps

Additionally: Every month, insert a photograph of the baby until it reaches one year of age. Note major milestones in captions.

Baby Book Creation

Naturally, you can go to the store, buy a photo book (spiral binding, ring binder, etc.), also pick up some pencils, pens, glue (if needed), and more. Of course, then you will also need to print your pictures on a decent printer and go through a lot of colored ink. That's old school. These days, people use online sources to do all the work for them, as well as providing all the supplies needed.

Here's who to turn to when you want to create a baby book easily and quickly online…

Photobook Press Can Create a Baby Photo Book

Before you assemble your baby photo book, when your new family addition arrives, don't forget to send out baby/birth announcement cards to all your friends and relatives. Once that's been done, however, it's time to concentrate on a baby book. We, at Photobook Press, will be happy to help you put that together.

In addition to baby photo books, we do other types of collections and books, as well as wall art, cards, calendars, and more.

It's easy to build the product you would like to order on our website. If you have questions, however, you can either email us at support@photobookpress.com or give us a call at 888-333-6950.

You may also choose to use our convenient online form to start a conversation with one of our representatives. You might want to save time by checking our FAQ page to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.