3 Occasions To Send Thank You Cards

by Alex Melen on May 16, 2022

While it’s common for people to send over invitation cards, that cannot be said for thank you cards. This is rather unfortunate as sending thank you cards should be the norm, especially when we aren’t able to say those words in person. Since we always thank the other person in our everyday lives and in transactional situations, it’s only right to send thank you cards as a way to show appreciation and let the sender know that you have received and acknowledged their gesture. What’s more, even if the sender is not expecting a thank you card in return, sending one will no doubt put a smile on their face and demonstrate your kindness. As such, listed below are moments when you can send thank you cards.



Weddings are always a special occasion when everyone celebrates the love between two people. Considering that wedding gifts are handed out as a customary act, sending out thank you cards provide an opportunity for the recipient to acknowledge the gift and thank the guest for being a part of this important day. As such, if you find yourself getting married soon, it’s good to be mentally prepared in writing and preparing thank you cards. We can assure you that by sending a thank you card, your guests will be grateful and impressed by this small yet thoughtful and meaningful gesture.

Baby Showers

During a baby shower, everyone comes together and brings gifts to your little one. Now, it’s time for you to show your gratitude by sending out thank you cards. If you do not have the time to craft an individualized card for each guest, no worries, as you can also go for a generic message to thank all of them. In this case, we recommend writing and printing these cards at least two weeks in advance in order to not overwhelm yourself. Since you may have to deal with other logistics for your baby shower, it’s always nice to plan in advance. However, for a more personalized message, you can reference the specific gift the guest has brought and thank them for it.

After a Homestay

A person’s home is their personal space, so it’s always important to respect the place and abide by their rules. As such, do remember to send thank you cards to the host after a homestay. Considering that they have opened up their space to you, and have provided guidance and assistance throughout your stay, it’s only right to acknowledge their hard work and to show gratefulness. What’s more, your stay may even inconvenience them and interrupt their daily routine, so sending a thank you card and even a gift helps build up a good relationship between you and the host.

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