3 Tips To Find The Best Wedding Photographer

by Alex Melen on November 02, 2022

3 Tips To Find The Best Wedding Photographer

You undoubtedly already know how strongly we believe that your wedding photographer isn't just another vendor if you've ever looked through our advice on arranging a wedding. Having said that, we are also aware of how difficult and stressful it may seem to choose your wedding photographer. But it truly isn't necessary. From selecting your photographic style to reserving the ideal photographer, we've broken it down into three easy tips.

Look Through Their Portfolios

The first is their portfolio, which will give you an idea of the kind of work they consider to be their greatest. Here, you may get a sense of their general aesthetic as well as the kinds of weddings they prefer staging or documenting. There could be a pattern in what they do. Keep them on your list if you feel a connection. It's also possible that the work in their portfolio doesn't have a consistent aesthetic. This might indicate that they are adaptable and can modify and customize their work for various customers, or it could imply that they don't yet have a clear understanding of what they do best. When contacting an artist and asking whether they have any work that is comparable to what you liked in their portfolio, keep in mind the aspects of their work that you loved.

Look At Their Blogs

Your second point of interest on their website should be their blog. You should check to see whether it's been updated frequently, which indicates that they are actively seeking clients and producing top-notch work. You should also keep an eye out for yourself. You won't really be on their blog, of course, but you should search for couples and occasions that seem like they might be your own. There's a significant likelihood that this individual is a suitable match for your wedding if you can recognize yourself in their work.

Set Up In-Person Interviews

In-person interviews are essential when selecting your wedding photographer since they are the only way to properly get to know someone. You're truly assessing each photographer's comfort level in this interview. Like in any interview, how you engage with them is just as crucial as what you ask them. Would you feel at ease with this photographer following you about all day with a camera? Do they have a similar sense of style?

Along with some fundamental questions, it's a good idea to bring a wedding mood board with some of the specifics you've imagined for your special day to the interview. Before you recruit someone, you want to be sure they can carry out your vision. It's all about expectations with this one. If the answer is no, visiting with a few photographers can help you better understand what you're looking for. Just because you met with someone doesn't mean you have to pick them as your wedding photographer.

You need to think about where your photos will go after they have been professionally shot now that you have decided on a wedding photographer. Order your premium wedding photo books now from Photobook Press to preserve the memories of your magnificent occasion!