4 Great Tips To Take Better Travel Photos

by Photo Book Expert on March 16, 2023

4 Great Tips To Take Better Travel Photos

Photographs are incredibly important to preserve the memories they represent, and taking travel photos is important to immortalize the precious moments. Here are 4 tips for you to capture the best travel photos!

Position Yourself with the Sun in Mind

This is probably the most crucial piece of advice.  In order for your subject to be completely illuminated, you should aim to have the sun behind you. If you're shooting your subject against the sun, it will appear significantly darker and less well-lit. Although you can deliberately do this for effect, for the majority of your photographs, you'll want the sun to properly illuminate your subject. Position yourself between the sun and your subject to achieve this.

Make Use of Shade

Find a shaded area if you're taking photos of people. More uniform lighting and softer shadows on faces can be expected from this. You'll receive a picture that is a lot smoother and more evenly lit. Just be aware of where your light is coming from and how dark your subject will be.

Master Depth of Field

Controlling the areas of the shot that are in focus is the main goal when working with depth of field. If you want to improve your travel photography and get that ideal shot, understanding this photography principle is one of the most crucial things you can do. By shifting your focus, you will be able to compose a variety of shots that look professional.

For instance, focusing on a wildlife creature while leaving its background out of focus is one way to practice this. This is known as a “shallow” depth of field. It helps you isolate your subjects and make them the center of the viewer's attention.

A wide depth of field helps in shooting landscapes and scenery. It can assist you in getting much more of the scene in focus.

To adjust your depth of field, you can check your camera's manual for instructions on how to modify the aperture. The mode dial will typically have "Av" or "A" as the designation.

You may also manually set your aperture on your smartphone, either using the default camera app or by installing a more advanced app from the app store.

Explore Street Photography

In order to capture the right moment, you need to immerse yourself in the surroundings and look for intriguing stories.

Successful street photography involving people requires patience and courtesy because not everyone wants to have their picture taken, and it can even be against the law to do so without their expressed permission. Try taking photos of a larger crowd if no one is willing to have their picture taken, or zoom in on market items such as colorful spice stacks and other interesting subjects.

Alternately, you may shoot the streets themselves. A good place to start is a doorway or an interesting piece of architecture.

Compile Your Travel Photos Into a Photo Book

There’s no better way to display the shots you’ve taken on vacation than to compile them into your very own photo book. For an affordable option, select the travel photos you’re most fond of and feature them in a simple and durable softcover photo book. You can even combine a few of your travel shots from multiple overseas trips into a larger hardcover photobook, so that you can look back on all the places you’ve traveled to!