4 Ideas To Create Guest Sign-In For Your Baby Book

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

4 Steps To Create Guest Sign In For Your Baby Book

If you have recently had a baby, as a new parent, you may want to consider putting together a baby photo book. As part of this project, you might want to include a page for guests to sign in. Of all the details that need to surround your new family addition, this might be one of the most fun. Putting together a book like this, with a little imagination, can be a very rewarding experience.

With the assistance of Photobook Press, you'll be able to choose the book type you want, the layout of each page, and quickly and easily drop your photos inside. Change the arrangement around as much as you want until the project is completed.

Either a page or an entire book can actually be devoted to the guest sign-in. It's up to you. Let's look at some ideas for creating a baby guest sign-in book.

Anything to Say?

In addition to signing in as they enter your home to see your baby for the first time, you may consider asking each guest to also write a message or well wishes. Words of wisdom, a funny line, something profound, advice, or something significant to the relationship between the guest and you or your baby are all good ideas.

Provide Enough Space

Make sure that if you have a lot of guests coming and going for your newborn viewing, you provide enough space in which they can write their names. If they're going to be writing a line or two along with their signatures, you will need even more room. Make sure you don't cramp anyone's handwriting with spaces that are too small. It will also make it hard to read.

A Theme Is Nice

You might even decide to create an event around seeing your baby for the first time. An event such as this can have a specific theme to it. Since the sign-in sheet may be one of the first pages in the book, have the page represent the theme of the shower. For example, if it's all about a baby boy, use little pictures of toys for boys, the color blue, etc. If you are going with a princess theme, think castles, gowns, tiaras, and more.

Where to Put the Sign-In

To make sure everyone signs in and leaves a message, if you've decided to go that route, place the sign-in station for the event at the entry. As guests enter, they sign in and then will be able to enjoy the event. So everyone can participate, make sure you have enough markers and pens on hand.

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