4 Reasons Why Giving Photobooks As Gifts Is A Good Idea

by Alex Melen on May 16, 2022

Do you know that up to two million photos are uploaded to Facebook and Instagram daily? If this is not enough to show that we, as a society, are obsessed with taking photos, we do not know what is. Since many of us take photos as a way to preserve special memories, why not print these photos to their physical form and compile them into an album? The beauty of photobooks is that they make for great gifts and can be gifted to everyone. As such, here are some reasons you should give photobooks as gifts.


Photobooks Are Personal and Original

Compared to other mass-produced gifts that you can easily purchase from the stores, photobooks are highly personal. Since you have to fill them up with photos that you have taken, there’s only one such design of the photobook in the world, making them truly original and personalized. Therefore, you will never encounter the awkward chance of offering the same gift as another person. In addition, a photobook that you have personally crafted ensures that you stand out from the crowd and is memorable to the recipient.

Photobooks Are More Thoughtful

Since photobooks require you to take the photos, print them, and compile them in a certain design and manner, it’s clear that you have put much thought and effort into crafting them. This will be highly treasured and appreciated by the recipient as they are aware of how important they mean to you. As such, gifting a photobook is an effective way of telling the recipient how much you treasure the relationship.

Photobooks Relieve Memories

In this busy world, it can be challenging to encounter happy memories at all times. This makes special occasions and recollections extremely momentous, and we always look back on them to put a smile on our faces. Considering that it’s customary to take photos during such moments, placing them in a photobook is a quick and efficient way to mark milestones and celebrate memorable moments between you and your loved one.

Photobooks Last Forever

Most gifts get used up or worn up in a couple of years. However, for photobooks, this is not the case as photos can be well-preserved and even passed down to future generations. This is why family and birthday albums are kept for life as they do not deteriorate and are always applicable. As such, if you’re looking for a gift that is a good investment and can stand the test of time, a photobook is the obvious answer. What’s more, photobooks will never be forgotten or thrown out.

Why Choose Photobook Press?

Since you’ll be giving a photobook as a gift, it’s important to make sure the photos are presented in a professional and presentable manner. At Photobook Press, we can assure you that your photos are not only showcased in their highest resolution, but also in their complete format. Our Professional Layflat Photobooks provide a more comfortable viewing experience and are a suitable choice for wider and longer photos. Other types of photobooks we offer are Premium Soft Cover Photo Book and Make & Print Hardcover Photobooks.