4 Things To Consider When Customizing Your Photo Album

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022


Photo albums have certainly come a long way from ring bounded, faux leather of our grandparents' times to online photo albums today. However, seeing, touching, and feeling a physical photo album brings a different sense of joy, especially when gifting it to a loved one or flipping the pages of those memories with a friend. We take a million photos each year with today's technology, so how do we make the best of these treasured memories? We say, design your custom photo album. The following are four things to consider when customizing your photo album.

 Have a Singular Purpose for Each Photo Book

 It is no easy feat to prowl through a million photos. So when you are customizing your photo book, organize them by purpose. Maybe it is to commemorate once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings or graduations. You might want to document a fantastic family trip, honor a pet, or perhaps create a gift for a teacher. It is easier to locate the photos when you have a specific purpose in mind. Besides, your memories deserve all the attention and exposure, so put them in dedicated books.

 Number of Photos and Pages

 People make the mistake of trying to fit as many photos as they can into a photo album. Be it trying to get the best value or loving the photos too much, squeezing in too many photos or having too many pages would be an overkill. The best photo album showcases the most unforgettable memories. A better way to stay within your budget while creating a beautiful album is to strategically select images and use editing tools to focus on the important details.


Choose Your Materials

 Another thing to consider is the materials of the photo album. There are different paper types with different textures, weights, and thicknesses. Cheaper papers will not hold the ink as well as they should, so your photos may look dull. Using well-sourced inks will also ensure that the vibrant prints on your photos last for a long time.

The covers which protect your photos are another essential consideration. Hardcover photo books provide the most protection and have the best appeal as a gift. Softcover photo books are much lighter and easier to bring around. They also have a modern outlook making it an excellent choice for a memento for a friend. Take some time to consider which to choose.

 Designing the Photo Album

 When designing the photo album, you will notice a background. No matter what color it comes in, the area not covered by your photos is known as white space. You need some on all the pages so that your photos look professionally laid. Make use of the available templates at Photobook Press; they fit in a number of photos while ensuring there is enough white space around. Of course, you are free to add in or remove the photos in the template as you prefer. But resist the urge to add too many photos on one page.

 You can also select from the pre-loaded themes. Every page has a different template, and they would not look the same. Most importantly, all the other pages will coordinate in a coherent style. This is what makes your photo book look professionally made.