4 Tips To Customizing Acrylic Prints

by Alex Melen on August 03, 2022

4 Tips To Customizing Acrylic Prints

When you are printing your photos and you want to yield vibrant results, nothing beats going for acrylic as a medium. You just have to consider the environments with which you can hang them and choose pictures that are best printed on acrylic.

Why choose acrylic print, in the first place? It is because of the fact that the medium is unique and classy. On top of these attributes, it is also more durable than other print media for images. It also comes in distinct varieties, namely face-mounted and direct-print. Here are tips to take note of when it comes to custom acrylic prints.

# 1 – Choose from the Distinct Varieties Mentioned

Personalized acrylic prints may be printed using the direct print or face-mounted methods. Direct print, as the name implies, is when the image is directly printed on the acrylic medium. Face-mounted versions, on the other hand, use a quality paper to print the image, and from there, that printed output is mounted over a 1/8 or ¼ inch thick acrylic sheet. The outcome of both methods is commonly seen in wall art, especially those displayed in museums. They produce vibrant and 3D-like results.

#2 – Use it Only When the Image is Suited for Acrylic Printing

If you want your custom acrylic prints to come out as great as you want them to be, you must choose to use the medium only when your image is best suited for the process. How would you know that? It is a matter of looking into the colors that the picture calls for. Does it span to the edges of the printable color range? If so, then you should have it printed on acrylic. That way, you will get the best out of the color effects.

You may also go for it if in case it is perfectly fine for you to have a contrast with the actual image that you want printed over it. Your image easily pops out on the medium when that is the case. This is what makes acrylic more fun than other materials.

# 3 – It Also Depends on the Environment

Acrylic has its distinct trait of being linked to modern art. That said, it is definitely a good choice to hang for your modern-style homes. They have that polished look in them that allows them to suit that environment. You get the statement pieces you want and easily draw attention from visitors once they see these pieces on your walls.

# 4 – Consider Where to Hang Them

Since they are more attributable to modern settings, you might want to try hanging them outside your homes instead. They will be perfect for your patios or outdoor bars. Do not worry because they thrive well in these environments, even with light and humidity common in these areas.

Now that you have read these tips, you are about to get ready and grab the chance to have customized acrylic prints hanging on those bare walls of your home. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind to get the best out of these masterpieces.