5 Reasons To Choose Acrylic Block For Your Photo Frame

by Alex Melen on August 03, 2022

5 Reasons To Choose Acrylic Block For Your Photo Frame

Bored of the ordinary way to display your wall art and other images? Traditional photo frames may have served you for a long time, but as the situation calls for change, then you must consider other options to include in your list. Make things more fun, and your images more vibrant by using an acrylic block photo frame instead. Why should you choose one?

What is an Acrylic Block Photo Frame?

Before going through the reasons that explain why acrylic block photo frames are perfect to include in your wall art collections, let us see what this is all about. This unique alternative is crafted using crystal clear acrylic that is about 0.7 inch thick. This can be displayed on a flat surface, like most other wall arts.

# 1 – They Are Limitless

Traditional photo frames are fine options for hanging wall art, but the problem is, they have limited dimension. You can simply use a table to display images on them using an easel backer, or hang them on a wall, as usual. When you use acrylic photo blocks, you have limitless possibilities. This is because they add a sculptural feel to those most precious photos of yours.

# 2 – They Bring a Unique Depth to Photographs

Images in acrylic blocks get unique depth because they are printed on the back of the block. This makes them ideal to display on shelves, tabletops, side tables, desks, and even serve as paperweights. That will allow you to have a glance of whatever image is in there for inspiration, and energy to get by the day.

# 3 – They Display Photos in Vibrant Colors

These blocks create a beautifully crafted three-dimensional effect, and have the capacity to bring out more vibrant colors to the picture. This is because of the polished, transparent acrylic sides on the blocks. You may even use a black acrylic base with a reflective mirror and set it over a flat surface so that you get to see the images more closely. Without the acrylic base, everything will still look great.

# 4 – Choice of Layout Does not Matter

Regardless if the photo is landscape or portrait, you can always select the best format with these photo blocks. Everything will depend on how the photos have been formatted. You can choose to have a square, vertical, or horizontal layout too.

# 5 – They Keep Your Pictures Safe

Acrylic is one material that can protect your images from accidents, like food spillage and the like. It comes with a protective medium that guarantees your pictures are safe in it. Make sure not to use harsh, abrasive cloths to clean or wipe over the surface.

There are indeed a lot of reasons to choose acrylic photo blocks in order to preserve the images of your most memorable life moments. If you want to add another level of awesomeness to the result, you may consider using personalized acrylic prints too. There are plenty of options to choose from. It is all a matter of going for one that suits your taste.