5 Stages In Creating Your Photobook That You Should Know

by Alex Melen on December 20, 2022

We often think that creating a photobook is like taking a picture: you just click, and voila! The reality is that creating a photobook takes more time, patience, and effort than simply taking photos. In fact, several stages are involved in creating your photobook, and each stage has its own process.

This article will discuss the various stages of creating your photobook so you know what to expect when making your own book. Let's get started!


The first step in creating a photobook is ensuring you have a budget. You will need to know how much money you will spend on this project upfront. This is important because it can help you plan how many books you want and what features they will have, or if it's even possible for your project with the amount of available money.


Planning your photobook is essential for creating a successful book. Planning will help you create the book you want on budget and time.

The first step in planning is choosing the style of book you would like to make. The next step is deciding what photos and text are going into the book, ensuring they fit each other and will flow well together as one story. Finally, determine how many pages will be needed for your project and how many copies of each page should be printed (i.e., if there are three photos per page).

Selecting Photos

Once you've narrowed your photo selection, it's time to start organizing your photos. Whether ordering a photobook or creating one yourself through a DIY solution, it will be easier if you have all of your photos in the same place.

Above all else, take care when choosing which pictures go into your book and which ones don't. You'll want to avoid getting too attached to any particular photo; better options will likely tell a better story with less effort than an outlier shot would take up space in the book.

If this feels overwhelming, try taking some time away from the project and coming back later with fresh eyes—this can help facilitate objectivity and creativity (you may even discover some forgotten gems).

 Resizing Photos

Resizing photos is more challenging than it sounds. You can use photo editing software, but you'll need to learn how to use them, and it can be expensive if you don't already have one. If that's not an option, some websites will resize your photos for free.

Placing Photos

The next step is to place your photos in the right order. This can be done by simply dragging them into the desired layout. If you want to be precise, you can also move them around using a mouse or trackpad.

If you have lots of photos and want to make sure they're all sized correctly, use the zoom tool (the magnifying glass icon) on each photo as a guide for sizing it up or down. Once every photo has been sized appropriately so they fit together in your layout, double-check your book's appearance before proceeding with the printout!


One of the most common mistakes people make when creating a photobook is rushing the process. It's important to keep these stages in mind as you create your book because they will help make sure it looks good on every page and order level. At the end of it all, you should be proud to give a copy of your photobook as a gift.