5 Things That Should Be In A Baby Photo Book

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022


Precious memories about your baby are always worth preserving in a photo book. They grow so fast that in a blink of an eye, your baby will be a toddler, a child, an adolescent, and in no time, an adult. Photo books are great for remembering those sweet times when you could still hold your baby in your arms. A baby photo book also makes a beautiful storybook, as you tell your baby all about their first years. This helps them build their sense of self and lets you tell them how much you love them. More than just a book of photos, make it meaningful for you and your baby by having these five things in your baby photo book.

 Stories and Quotes

 In addition to photos, write stories too. Accompany photos with short snippets of stories or quotations. This helps put the images into context and gives them a background story. Start with stories before they were born, for example, how the pregnancy was announced, or share the pregnancy experience, like how they kicked to their favorite music. Write about childbirth and how you felt; write about the baby's first year and situational stories behind the photos. Have an introduction page with a newborn shot and information like name, date, time, height, and weight.

 Baby Growth and Milestones

 Use the front and back covers to show the growth from newborn to toddlerhood; use a photo from birth at the front and a year-old picture at the back. Whether you decide to use the softcover photo book or the hardcover photo book, this will work. If you have small memorabilia items to store, for example, footprint stickers or baby's name cards from the hospital, in that case, you can even paste a little sleeve pocket at the back of the hardcover photo book to store them.

To better document the growth process, it will help to label the baby's photos by days, weeks, and months. Summarize baby's milestones on a page, noting when was their first step, their first word, first food, etc.


 Document the baby's growth in the stomach by adding sonograms. You can either digitize them and add them to the layout or save some space by gluing the hard copies on the page. Arrange them in order of weeks and throw in a few narratives, like baby sucking thumb, baby saying hi, along with them.

 Add in Family Portraits and Pregnancy Photos

 Don't just stop at baby's photos; add family portraits. It might be rare to have pictures of everyone together since one parent will have to be the cameraman. You might even hire a professional photographer to have one taken. Pregnancy photos usually capture your excitement for the baby's arrival; make sure to have those in.

 Baby's Favorite Items

 As babies explore the world in their first year, they have more attachment to some things than others. They may cling onto a pillow, or a toy, or even be obsessed with the wheels on the bus! The photo book is about the baby, be sure to include photos of the baby with their favorite items.