5 Things To Include In A Company Yearbook

by Alex Melen on January 23, 2023

Creating a company yearbook is an excellent way to bring the team together and document moments of celebration, success, and growth. As you begin to plan content for your yearbook, it’s important to include elements that make the book both enjoyable and meaningful. Here are five key things to include in your company yearbook.

Memorable Moments

When compiling a company yearbook, it’s important to include memorable moments that tell the story of the people and business at that moment in time. Including memorable moments in your company’s softcover photobooks can be an effective way to show appreciation for those who have been involved in the success of business operations. It helps individuals remain connected, even after their time with the organization has ended. By including snapshots from special events such as award ceremonies, holiday parties, or summer outings, you can ensure that everyone's contributions are remembered for years to come!

Company’s Achievements 

Including company achievements in the yearbook should commemorate important milestones that have been reached during the past year. By highlighting notable accomplishments, current and future employees gain an understanding of how far the company has come, as well as what needs to be achieved in the next year. Additionally, showing these successes can inform customers about new products or services that have been released, as well as awards and recognition obtained by the company throughout its lifespan.

Special Events

Incorporating special events into a company yearbook can be especially meaningful for those involved. Special events help create lasting memories and provide insight into the unique spirit and lifestyle of the organization. When included in a yearbook, events bring employees together by providing an opportunity to interact with one another outside of work, while creating something they can look back upon fondly long after it's over. 

Photos of Employees

Photos of employees in a company yearbook can provide a sense of unity and pride among staff members, making them feel connected with their colleagues and place of employment. Yearbooks offer an opportunity for companies to showcase their staff and recognize each individual for their hard work and dedication. Photos serve as visual reminders when looking back on past years in the workplace. They create connections between coworkers who have come on board since the last yearbook was printed, as well as bring attention to those who have been with the organization since day one. 

Guest Messages

One of the most effective ways you can include guest messages in your company’s hardcover photobooks is by inviting guests, such as clients and partners, to write brief messages tailored specifically to each employee. This type of message will not only be meaningful, but also serves as a reminder of their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Furthermore, it can be used to encourage and motivate employees going forward. Including guest messages in a company yearbook has many benefits, such as providing recognition for team members' efforts, increasing morale within the workplace, building relationships with external stakeholders, and offering words of encouragement from outside sources.