6 Benefits Of Custom Wall Calendars

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

6 Benefits Of Custom Wall Calendars

Custom wall calendars are a great way of reminding clients of your products or services. Some are under the misconception that current technology has made traditional print calendars obsolete, however this isn’t true. Many modern offices still use calendars that are hung in prominent places, and below are six benefits they provide.

Promotes Goodwill

Offering your client or colleague a gift in the form of a custom calendar is a wonderful way to build a positive rapport. It can reinforce an existing relationship or start a new one. It is well known that the majority of people prefer doing business with those they trust and know, and promoting goodwill increases the likelihood of patrons or partners referring you to others.

Provides Multiple Design Options

Customized calendars come in many different themes, layouts, colors, images and messages. The paper used may be matte coated, uncoated or glossy. Additionally, there are numerous binding styles which are compatible with multiple page walled calendars. For instance, saddle stitch style binding uses staples that go through its fold line, whereas spiral binding utilizes plastic coils which are flexible. And there is also wire-o binding which makes use of double looped metallic wire. All these methods enable the calendar to be flatly held along the wall.

Offers Continuous Exposure

Items which are considered useful will be retained and used. The advantage of wall calendars is that once you hang them up, they will stay put which means your company’s marketing message and name will be seen many times over, not just by the recipient, but anyone that enters the room, which creates a significant marketing opportunity.

Promotes Reciprocity

Most people enjoy receiving little freebies and gifts. Though calendars can be given away without obligation, when you give one to a prospective or existing client it creates an impression which is favorable, particularly if the calendar is classy and features a theme that interests them. For instance, giving a baseball calendar to someone that loves baseball conveys sensitivity and awareness of their interests, which will definitely make them like you more.

It’s More Tangible than a Digital Calendar

With the broad usage of desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets, all of which come with calendars built in as part of the operating system, some people might wonder why physical calendars are even necessary. But there are a number of reasons it is. Printed calendars have a certain charm that their electronic counterparts can never replace. While it might be low tech, it also doesn’t require electricity or batteries.

Increases Awareness of Your Brand

A customized printed calendar is one of the best methods for promoting your brand, a feat that is impossible with any digital calendar. This is because it enables you to capture photos of your products, services and personnel while creatively showcasing the brand in a manner that reinforces its value. Furthermore, it allows you to convey the advantages of the brand without having to use lots of words. Finally, unlike smartphone and computer based calendars, which people only look at when they need to, physical calendars when hung on walls will always be present.