6 Mistakes To Avoid When Customizing Calendars

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Customizing Calendars

Custom calendars assist in the establishment of schedules, as well as knowing the current date and time. But aside from this, they can also function as a profitable corporate marketing tool, so long as you don’t make the following six mistakes.

Print Sized Selection Error

There is a close relationship between the print sizes you choose and the design factor. For instance, let’s say you wish to print the calendar in size A5. In this case the font for your corporate calendar must not be made using a size which is too big. To avoid selecting the incorrect print size, consider using the services of a professional calendar creator.

Paper Typed Selection Error

If you decide to create the wall calendar, be sure the paper you choose is flexible. However, for desk calendars you’ll want to use paper which is rigid. There are numerous paper types to select from for calendar creation and you can also consult with a calendar creator to see what paper options they use for printing procedures.

Color Selection and Theme Error

One function of corporate calendars is introducing your company to consumers or partners. However, you must be sure that the colors and themes you choose are appropriate. A consultant can sit down with you to discuss the various options which are available and help you choose a successful theme and color.

Promotional Media Errors

Errors may also occur when you create the promotional media. You definitely want to use the corporate calendar for promotional media purposes, but it must be done correctly. Steps for accomplishing this include using corporate logos, product photos and service info in order to transform the calendar into a successful corporate promotional tool.

The Supported Image Size is Not Compatible

The sizes of images which you intend to add to your calendar are extremely important. If the supporting photo has a size which is incorrect; this can completely ruin your final print. By working with a reputable calendar service which has expertise in calendar development, you’ll always get the right supporting image sizes.

Improperly Scheduled Calendar Distribution Error

Errors can sometimes occur within your distribution process, and will often be associated with the corporate calendar design. If your calendar creation is not finalized on time, this can lead to a scenario where the distribution procedure might be late and behind schedule. This is why it is essential to select a calendar creation service which can operate within strict deadlines.

Why are Corporate Calendars So Important?

These calendars provide multiple benefits, one of which is enhancing brand loyalty. The reason is because it will remain accessible to them daily for long periods of time and will serve as a constant reminder of the services you offer. Another benefit is the numerous customization options.

However, maximizing functionality for your corporate calendar may also be hampered should errors occur within its manufacturing process. This is why using an appropriate calendar creation tool or service will help you build a spectacular calendar that will appeal to everyone that sees it.