7 Do's And Don'ts When Hanging Your Wall Calendars

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022


Even with the advance of smartphones, wall calendars aren’t obsolete yet. You probably have at least one hanging in your house or office. They’re still the easiest way to keep track of dates and important events. With a wall calendar, you can skip the fuss of unlocking your phone and launching the calendar app. Mark your wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or major occasions on your wall calendar and refer to them conveniently. Whether you already have one or plan to put up one, these do’s and don’ts of hanging your wall calendar may be interesting to you. You can choose to follow them or not depending on your beliefs.

Don’t Hang Outdated Calendars

Have a calendar from the past year on your wall? To some, outdated calendars are perceived as a source of depleting energies that keep you trapped in the past. They obstruct your advancement in life. You may have kept an old calendar because of the pictures but there are other ways to preserve them. Cut out the images you like and keep them in a file or scrapbook. Anyway, you should be putting up the latest calendar so you don’t get confused about the dates. Time to remove those old ones!

Avoid Negativity

Go for wall calendars that feature nature or pleasant images instead of those with violent images or negative emotions. Your calendar will be displayed in a visible place and you’re probably going to look at it every day. Looking at something positive or soothing can boost your mood too! You can also consider making a custom wall calendar that features auspicious images or things you want to buy, like a new house.

Keep Them Away from Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a peaceful place without any reference to time. According to Feng Shui, displaying a wall calendar can affect the revitalization and auspicious chi energy.

Don’t Place Them in the Dining Room

This is the place where family abundance is created. Having a calendar here is like placing a clock in this room and will put a limit on this abundance. It’s not advisable to place your wall calendar here.

Use a Calendar That Displays All the Months

There are different types of wall calendars. A calendar that displays all the months in that year is believed to be auspicious as this means you can visually see the entire year in front of you. Monthly calendars work too, just make sure they reflect the correct month!

Not in the Bathroom

We can’t think of a reason why you might need a wall calendar in the bathroom but if you do or intend to place one there, stop! The bathroom is a place where clean water enters and wastewater leaves. Hanging a calendar here is considered inauspicious.

North Is Good 

Also according to Feng Shui, the water element guides the north sector. Having a calendar here can aid your career as this implies that time becomes fluid and moves with the water element's chi energy, which is favorable to you. To simulate a good workflow, hang a wall calendar on the north wall of your office.