A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Great Wedding Card Message

by Photo Book Expert on March 23, 2023

A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Great Wedding Card Message

Weddings are all about celebrating love and commitment. As a guest, you are supposed to be part of the joy and festivities by offering your well-wishes and congratulations. One of the most effective ways to do that is by coming up with a wedding card message. Nonetheless, writing a thoughtful wedding card message can be a little tricky. Here is an in-depth guide on how to write a great wedding card message that newlyweds will cherish for a long time to come.

Begin with a Greeting

A typical wedding card message should begin with a greeting. You should start by offering a warm greeting to address the married couple. You should utilize formal titles such as “Mr. and Ms.” or “Mr. or Mrs.” if you are not so close with them. You can use their first names if your relationship with the couple is close. Before bringing in the name, you should begin with “To” or “Dear” and then mention their names.

Congratulate Them

After greetings, you should head on to congratulate the newlyweds on the eve of their big day. Go for a more customized statement. It does not have to be complicated, but something as simple as “Congratulations on your big day.” Primarily, your congratulatory message should be more personalized in a manner that acknowledges and appreciate what you have known as the journey of the couple to the point of marriage. Do not exaggerate or highlight anything you were not part of.

Share a Personal Sentiment or Memory

If you have a personal relationship with the couple, sharing a personal sentiment or memory with them is a great idea. It could be anything from a heartwarming or funny story to a keen reflection of their personalities. Besides that, you could opt to go for a special message of gratitude about their bond or friendship.

Highlight Your Well-Wishes

Well-wishes should appear toward the end of the wedding card message. You must close the card with a well-crafted statement of well-wishes for the newlyweds’ future. Once again, you should keep everything simple and to the point. Most importantly, well-wishes should be personalized while reflecting the values, aspirations, and interests of the couple.

Sign Off Appropriately at the End

The end of the wedding card message should highlight the connection you have with the newlyweds. Go for something modest like “Yours truly, “Best wishes,” or “Love.”

Edit and Review the Message

You should not send the wedding message before keenly proofreading it. Editing the wedding card message will help to iron out grammatical or spelling errors. While doing that, strive to keep the message easy and clear. The last thing you want is to seem reckless and diminish the true intention of the wedding card message.

Time to Write an Excellent Wedding Card Message

It is important to be sincere and thoughtful to come up with an outstanding wedding card message. The message should bring out your creativity and how much you connect with the newlyweds. Principally, you need to be congratulative, reflect on your special relationship with the newlyweds and honor their big day.