Acrylic Photo Prints: How Is It Made & What Is It Made Of?

by Alex Melen on November 02, 2022

Acrylic Photo Prints: How Is It Made & What Is It Made Of?

Acrylic picture prints are a cutting-edge display option for your favorite photos. Your most treasured memories come alive with brilliant color and depth, whether they are of family gatherings, abstract art, or landscape photographs. The borderless design of acrylic prints creates a stunning 3-D illusion. They are created by printing a high-definition replica of the picture on premium archival paper and mounting it with a piece of crystal-clear acrylic. For a beautiful, minimalist impression, pictures' radiance and individuality are enhanced by the purity of polished acrylic's surface.

How Acrylic Photo Prints Are Made

One of two methods—direct printing onto the acrylic or face mounting—is used to create an acrylic print. With face mounting, your picture is printed on premium photo paper and then reverse attached to the acrylic.

  • Direct to Acrylic Printing

Since there is a lot less work required and it is mostly machine made, many of the major print firms choose the direct to acrylic printing option since it is much less expensive. Any business can do this to start producing acrylic prints, and many already have. In this method, they may produce a good number in an hour.

  • Acrylic Face Mounting

The final result is absolutely worth it despite the second technique' more difficulty and cost. After being printed onto paper, the picture is then sandwiched between two acrylic plates, a metal backing, and the paper. Depending on whatever color appears best with the given picture, the rear acrylic sheet may be black, white, or transparent. The acrylic frame is then fastened to the wall using aluminum standoffs to give it a sense of depth.

The face mount technique offers greater color vibrancy and durability. This indicates that the color is far less likely to fade over time. The acrylic face mount brings out the hues of the picture when it is printed on professional-grade photo paper. The refractive property of the acrylic material lights the print behind the acrylic layer under the proper illumination.

Qualities of Acrylic Photo Prints

Overall, the print design offers you these wonderful advantages:

  • Versatile: Your picture will blend in wonderfully with a wide variety of home décor styles since acrylic glass is transparent from the front and sides.
  • Slim and unassuming: Only 3 millimeters of acrylic make up the print. Your print will thus be beautifully thin and take up the least amount of space while being thick enough to provide a stunning depth effect (more on this below!).
  • Lightweight: Because of its ultra-slim design and the lightweight properties of acrylic glass, the acrylic print may be hung securely on any relatively stable wall.
  • Durable: Acrylic is significantly more durable for installation than glass since it is shatterproof. This substance gives the appearance of depth while safeguarding your artwork from fading.
  • Floating illusion: The print is hidden beneath rail hangers, creating the appearance that your picture is floating on the wall.

If you appreciate the notion of cutting-edge picture printing presented behind an enchanted, dazzling piece of acrylic glass and you love the idea of great affordable rates, get started on getting your own acrylic photo print right now at Photobook Press.