Acrylic Picture Prints: Are They Waterproof?

by Alex Melen on December 12, 2022

Acrylic Picture Prints Are They Waterproof

Acrylic picture prints can be what you might be searching for if you are seeking stylish and original wall art or a method to exhibit your photos. Because the photographic picture is placed behind a layer of transparent acrylic, they provide a depth and color vibrancy that not only distinguish acrylic from other print alternatives but also make them extremely long-lasting and robust. 

However, are prints made of acrylic water resistant? They are, indeed. There are two ways to create an acrylic picture print, and both are very moisture- and water-resistant. A print made of acrylic may get water damaged under exceptional conditions, but for all practical purposes, an acrylic printing is the best option for any moist region. 

What Is the Science behind the Water-Resistant Nature of Acrylic Prints? 

Primarily, it is due to the substance, which is a kind of plastic also known as Plexiglass, that was employed. The printing techniques employed also aid in sealing and safeguarding the finished picture. There are two methods for creating final acrylic prints. 

A Face Mount 

The best picture quality is provided by a face mounted print, which is also the most popular choice. The image is first printed onto premium photographic paper, which occasionally has a metallic finish for added depth & brightness. After that, the image is affixed to the rear of the acrylic sheet so that, from the front, it seems to be seen via a sheet of refractive transparent acrylic. This results in the distinctive depth for which they are renowned. The picture is then sealed inside a backing substrate. 

A Direct Print 

The picture is immediately printed in the manner of a mirror image on the reverse of the acrylic layer, as the name implies. So once more, you are gazing through a sheet of acrylic while looking at the front. For a distinct final appearance, utilize several backing substrates. The image can withstand high humidity and immediate contact with water thanks to an acrylic covering protecting it. 

Which Kind Of Acrylic Print Is More Resistant to Water? 

To be frank, both will perform equally well in the majority of typical applications & situations. But if you're picky, direct printing can edge out screen printing by a slim margin, while producing prints of worse quality. This is due to the possibility of mold or mildew growing on the photo paper with a face mounted printing should any humidity manage to penetrate beyond the substrate's sealed backing. 

Making Sure That Your Print Is in the Best Possible Condition 

Acrylic prints require little upkeep. Usually, all that is needed is a simple dusting. However, periodically you might want to remove any smudges or fingerprints. Your print might require cleaning down if it will be hanging in a kitchen or another room where it might be exposed to grease. Additionally, homes with wood stoves or smoke from cigarettes may have a cumulative effect. These prints are extremely robust and long-lasting. The acrylic is ultraviolet protective to the picture and, unlike glass, will not break if dropped.