Advantages Of Using A Custom Calendar As A Marketing Tool

by Alex Melen on May 18, 2022
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Almost everyone uses a smartphone or app to check the dates and keep track of appointments. Are printed calendars still in style? Yes, they’re still widely used by many people in their homes and offices! Marking important events and deadlines on a physical calendar is more convenient and you get to see everything at one glance.

Custom photo calendars are a great way to generate exposure for your business. You can feature images and marketing messages you want to convey to potential customers, and include business contact information. They are great marketing gifts that give you exposure for an entire year! That’s more reason to use a custom calendar as a marketing tool.

It Gives You Ongoing Exposure

Your company name, logo, and marketing message will be displayed for a year. It’s a useful item that will most likely be displayed on your recipient’s work desk or home. Moreover, anyone who walks past that calendar is going to see it too. Let’s say you’re a catering company and have created a custom calendar featuring popular items from your menu. Your recipient’s colleagues, friends, or visitors might be attracted to your food pictures and decide to order from you. And if they like your food, they’ll recommend it to more people. That’s most customers for you, all generated from a custom photo calendar!

Increases Your Brand Awareness

Select the images that best represent your business and feature them in your custom photo calendar. You can have different themes each month to highlight your products, services, or personnel. People usually pay better attention to great visuals so use your custom photo calendar to engage your recipient visually. Use pictures to communicate your brand message creatively and highlight the strengths of your business. If your recipient wishes to engage your services, they can easily reach you with the contact information printed on your calendar.   

It’s Inexpensive to Produce

While there are other low-cost custom products like personalized greeting cards which you can use to market your company, custom photo calendars have a higher chance of being retained by your recipient. They are cost-effective marketing solutions that give you long-term exposure for a minimal expense.

It’s Practical

Unlike fliers that end up in the trash, people tend to keep a calendar when they receive one. Calendars are useful and most people have at least 1 at home or in the office. Your recipient might be thankful to you for giving them one. It’s almost an essential item on every working desk. Visually attractive calendars have a higher chance of getting displayed so make sure you feature the best photos!

It’s Simple to Create

With so many online tools available, you can easily design your own custom calendar and send it for printing. You want to start by selecting the photos to feature in your calendar. If you want to enhance your photos but don’t have the budget for professional software, these photo editing apps might work for you. Next, you’ll want to choose a template. If you’re not sure where to begin, Photobook Press offers a variety of templates for your calendar. Simply choose one to begin creating a custom photo calendar for your business.