Are Wedding Guest Books Necessary?

by Alex Melen on August 03, 2022

Are Wedding Guest Books Necessary

Newlyweds are oftentimes inclined to forgo any wedding traditions that they feel may not represent who they are as a couple. We are all for you bidding goodbye to the garter and bouquet toss but if you do feel encouraged, there is one minor detail that many couples are skipping that has gotten us scratching our heads: wedding guest books. The purpose of a wedding guest book is for guests to leave the couple bits of advice for a happy marriage and other loving messages. However, some couples feel like being congratulated by guests and talking to them at the wedding is enough. If you are contemplating whether or not a wedding guest book is something you need at your wedding, here is what you need to know.

Why You Need a Wedding Guest Book

First and foremost, a wedding guest book is mainly about sentiments. It is where loved ones pen a loving message to the couple and where your classmates make a reference to an inside joke that will still crack you up after so many years. Like a photo, your wedding guest book compiles a record of everyone that attends your wedding. On your anniversaries, you can flip the pages of your wedding guest book to reminisce about the good times you had with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and other guests. You will also be able to see the names of your guests who may have passed on and those who have moved away. Knowing that they were all once together at your wedding will be a happy memory that you will cherish.

On top of all that, your wedding guest book is where you can get creative. You do not need to stick to a traditional book that can look dull and boring. You can create your own fun wedding guest book where guests can take a polaroid placed at the guest book table to accompany their loving messages. You can also add your childhood or engagement photos to the guest book so guests can view them while penning their sentiments. You can also customize the guest book cover to complement the theme of your wedding so it will look more attractive and motivate your guests to write something in it.

Why You May Not Want a Wedding Guest Book

Some couples may find it troublesome to find a wedding guest book that they truly love. They need to match the look of the guest book with the theme of their wedding, think of a concept of the guest book, figure out how to decorate it, and more. These tedious chores can all be taken care of by Photobook Press where you can customize your wedding guest book up to your specific requirements. Our list of guest book customization options is highly extensive to cater to any taste. From a modern look to something more traditional, there is bound to be a guest book that you and your guests will find beautiful. You can include photos or just stick to a more conservative hardcover guest book.