Baby Shower Book: Tips On What To Write

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

Baby Shower Book Tips On What To Write

Diapers, rattles, bibs, onesies, bottle warmers, the list goes on and on of age-old, boring baby gifts. Not that they aren't given with love, it's just that they’re the same old-same old. However, giving the gift of a baby shower book will be appreciated by the mom-to-be, rest assured. A gift like this can be as personalized or as generic as you'd like it to be. The choice is yours. You know who the gift is going to and you’re putting the book together. You'll know the kind of voice you want for the book: Sentimental, humorous, serious, silly, fun, etc.

Location for Writing

If you're including a gift message with your baby shower book, not only what you say will be important, but to make it truly memorable, you want to give some thought as to how it will be incorporated into the project.

Inside of the book's cover is the perfect (and commonly used) location for an inscription. For a hardcover book, on the backside of the cover, there is usually a good amount of space. Also generally blank, the first page may be used as well or instead. Of the two, the inside cover is most commonly chosen.

Inscription/Note Suggestions

The following are suggestions for inscriptions and/or notes you may like to include in the book:

  • May your shelves be full of books and your heart full of love.
  • A lifetime of adventures starts with a story a day.
  • Books bring to life one person's imagination.
  • Books last forever – read with your child.
  • To share a love for reading, it's never too early.
  • A cuddle, a book, and love.
  • Always be ready to share a story.
  • Happy families read together.
  • May your little one enjoy many sweet dreams and bedtime stories.
  • You're about to begin the best part of life.
  • Welcome to unconditional, endless love.
  • Get ready for the most memorable, magical times of your life.
  • A new life, new baby, and a new beginning.
  • The first time you hold your child in your arms, you'll finally realize how much your parents loved you.
  • Lucky baby – lucky parents.

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