Can Acrylic Photo Printing Be Hung Outside?

by Alex Melen on December 12, 2022

Can Acrylic Photo Printing Be Hung Outside

If you have worked hard to create an acrylic piece of art that you love via acrylic photo printing, one of your biggest worries will be whether it will endure. The great news is that acrylic paint ranks among the finest paints for tolerance to moisture. It dries quickly and is really strong. Acrylic paint is utilized on walls, woodwork, canvas, and the majority of other surfaces—including those that will be outside—for this reason. 

Acrylic printing still costs significantly more than other solutions, but they have some special advantages of their own. Since the picture is reflected through a sheet of transparent acrylic, they offer a true depth and remarkable image quality. They also generate delightfully rich colors. They are also quite strong and, under ideal circumstances, ought to survive for decades. How about hanging an acrylic print outside, though? Yes, acrylic prints can make a beautiful complement to any outdoor space since they are so sturdy. An acrylic print placed outside ought to survive for many years with a handful of easy measures. 

Main Methods of Acrylic Print Production 

There are two main ways in which acrylic prints are made: 

  • Face mounting
  • Direct printing 

No matter the printing technique you use, it will not significantly affect how well it will stand up in an outdoor setting. Actually, the finished image's quality is more important. Face mounting is the process of printing an image on photo paper and mounting it to the backside of an acrylic layer. After that, it is covered with a substrate, often made of PVC or aluminum. The photograph's depth is created when it is examined from the front via a sheet of transparent acrylic. 

A direct print is exactly what the name implies. When seen from the front, the picture is the right way around since it was printed in reverse straight on the backside of the acrylic sheet. The final picture will be affected differently by various substrates. Better picture definition is produced by face-mounted prints. This is due to the fact that the image was printed on premium photo paper as opposed to the acrylic. Although it won't make much of a difference, direct prints can be a little bit more resistant to moisture. 

Advice for Hanging Acrylic Paintings Outside 

Whatever method was used to create your print, here are a few easy maintenance suggestions that will keep it looking great. 

Direct Sunlight   

Although the acrylic shields the print from ultraviolet rays, it will still fade if exposed to the light for an extended period of time. Therefore, covered and shaded places are best. 


Acrylic is a type of polycarbonate, and hence it can distort at very hot temperatures. Therefore, be careful not to display your print in an area that gets too hot. 

Salty Air 

The aluminum backing would be the sole area of an acrylic printing which would be exposed to salt air. Aluminum may oxidize even if it does not rust. 

Smokers and BBQ Pits 

Why not use outdoor spaces that are used for cooking and grilling? Well, it is of the utmost importance that you avoid displaying your print in areas where grease may collect.