Class Reunion Photo Book: 6 Things To Include

by Photo Book Expert on March 23, 2023

Class Reunion Photo Book: 6 Things To Include

Class reunions provide an excellent time for old friends to catch up, create new memories and reminisce about past moments. There are many ways to capture memories at the function. However, none compares to creating a class reunion photo book. Other than being an exceptional keepsake for reunion attendees, it is also a remarkable way to share the happening of the reunion with those who did not attend. Here is a detailed review of six things to include in a class reunion photo book


An excellent class reunion will incorporate several songs and speeches. These should not go to waste. You need to include them in the class reunion photo book to help relive the memory. Take time to publish the text related to the song or speech in the photo book. To make it more fun and captivating, you can employ some humor in this section. Similarly, you can record impromptu speeches and share them in the reunion book to make fun of awkward pauses and relive laughable moments. Speeches from other special occasions, such as graduations, will also be perfect here.

Then and Now Chapters

Another section that you should not leave out of your class reunion photo book is the then and now chapter. Of source, it is the most captivating section of the reunion photo book. It is dedicated to comparing what your classmates looked like back in the day to what they look like now. In a like manner, the sections recognize the noteworthy changes alongside their accomplishments.

In Memoriam

It is a special page dedicated to honoring classmates who passed on after graduation. The fact that they are departed does not imply that their memory should not live on. You can still make them part of the reunion by creating space for their notes, accomplishments, and pictures in the photo book. Similarly, another way to honor your late classmates is to have someone close to them come up with a eulogy to pay respect to their lives and how they impacted the people around them.

Special Notes

Rather than having pictures exclusively, it would be nice to mix them with special notes. These could be notes from teachers and students alongside poems and special letters. Other than that, the special notes ought to thank event organizers for choosing to invest their energy and time into making the occasion fun and memorable. You can also feature shoutouts to the photographer, DJ, sponsors, caterers, and volunteers for their various contributions to the event.

Event Photos

Ideal reunions are characterized by a wide range of captivating events. Some of the most prominent events synonymous with reunions include karaoke, dances, scavenger hunts, hat contests, and restaurants. You could choose to bring in a photographer who will capture every aspect of the event appropriately and share them with all the attendees that appear in your photo book.


The ultimate class reunion photo book should not leave out any precious memories. To make it comprehensive, you need to allow class reunion attendees to share their special notes, stories, and memories particularly meant for the photo book.

The memories could be of anything associated with their time in school, from interactions with other classmates to encounters with teachers. Likewise, the participants ought to divulge how they were impacted by the experiences. The memories should not just cover school days but also capture the events. In case you hold any contests, the winners of every category should be recognized as well.

Relive Your Precious Reunion Memories

The class reunion photo book offers you a perfect opportunity to relive your valuable memories and also come up with a long-lasting keepsake. It is possible to reminisce and capture the spirit of different occasions with the help of event photos, special notes, Memoriam, then and now sections, and scripts.