Do You Need To Send Thank You Cards For Graduation?

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022


You have just reached one of the most important milestones of your life - your graduation. Family and friends who matter to you intentionally made time to be present. Some even came with generous and thoughtful gifts to commemorate this special occasion. When the celebration is over, you think about thanking these beautiful people in your life. There are many ways to do that; you could craft a generic post on social media thanking everyone or send a simple text message to them. However, when someone goes that extra mile to make your special day really special, it would be gracious to send them thank-you cards. The cards are more than just a simple receipt of their gifts, it shows them how much you appreciate their presence at the occasion and how much you value them in your life. Considering how happy you and the gift-giver would be, we think thank you cards for graduation are the cherry on top of your cake.

 How to Write a Thank You Card for Graduation?

 It is a thank you card, not a letter, so keep it concise. As a guideline, keep it within three to five sentences and write casually, just like how you communicate with them day-to-day. A good start will be to appreciate the gift and the giver’s presence at your graduation. Tell them how you felt when you opened the present, how you will be using it, or how it will improve your life. You might also say why it is a good choice for you. Make a personal connection with the giver and express your gratitude again. You can create, and print custom Thank You cards for convenience and personalization.

 Who to Say Thank You to?

 Besides those who went out of their way to get you a gift, remember to also show your gratitude to family and friends who attended and those who helped you out at your graduation. Perhaps a friend helped you by capturing memories of this important day, or a family member helped you coordinate the logistics for the event. In this case, you would want to thank them for their efforts and express how their contributions made the event meaningful for you, even if it is just by their presence. You might even write a thank you card for the caterers or the florist who went over and beyond to make this day memorable for you.

 Most importantly, remember to thank your parent or parents. They might already know how you feel but receiving it in a card crystallizes that appreciation. You might thank them for all the years of support and encouragement and for the help at the graduation. Don’t forget to tell them how much you love them.

 When to Send a Thank You Card for Graduation?

 Although sending them out as soon as possible is ideal, it is still good etiquette to have the custom cards sent out within three months after your graduation. In these days of virtual connection, you might need to spend some time tracking down physical addresses. Reach out to your family and friends for their addresses; they will be pleased to receive your gratitude card.