Face Mount Vs. Direct Print In Acrylic Photo Prints- Know The Differences

by Alex Melen on December 12, 2022

Face Mount Vs Direct Print In Acrylic Photo Prints Know The Differences

Regardless of the print media you use to display your images, there are always a variety of options for the material and printing techniques. The same applies to acrylic photo prints. Maybe you are unsure about which choice to pick when purchasing a print from an art gallery or a photographer. Due to the great impression of depth they provide a picture, rich, brilliant colors and acrylic prints have become increasingly popular. Although they might occasionally be more expensive than other print media, they can provide exceptional image quality and a very clean, sleek, and modern look. Given that, you should be careful to select the best alternative for your requirements. 

Face Mount Printing Advantages 

Face mounted prints are consistently touted as having higher quality, and in terms of picture resolution and color richness, this is accurate. This is due to the image being produced on superior photographic paper, which results in more sharpness and detail. The depth and color can also be further enhanced by using metallic photo sheets. And there you have it—the perfect photograph—viewed through a sheet of refractive acrylic. You now possess a gorgeous work of art that you may proudly hang on your wall. The durability of face mounted prints is another benefit. In addition to being sealed and placed between the frontal acrylic layer and mount substrate to protect the image from environmental harm, ultraviolet resistant ink is occasionally utilized. 

Face-Mount Printing Disadvantages 

The added expense would be a drawback, if you could call it that. Whatever you pay for, you get. This also applies to employing low-cost print shops. Professional laboratories only use the best photographic paper, inks, and acrylic. The pricing will also depend on how thick the acrylic happens to be. Obviously, the thickness affects price, and direct print acrylic is no exception. 

Direct Print Acrylic Advantages 

The first benefit that immediately comes to mind is the lower cost. However, as was already said, the price will depend on the depth of acrylic you select. This printing method can still employ UV resistant inks, and acrylic can provide an additional seventy percent to ninety-nine percent ultraviolet protection. Therefore, in terms of lifetime. If you take good care of the print, you would still be able to have it for an exceptionally long time. The final appearance may be altered by using different backing substrates. The printed acrylic would still be slightly transparent, which is how this works. Therefore, the substrate's color and texture will have an impact on the final picture. White is frequently chosen since it is neutral, however polished aluminum would give the printing a glistening quality. 

Direct Print Acrylic Disadvantages 

Compared to a picture printed on photographic paper, the amount of visual detail might not be as obvious. A respectable lab will use a high-end flatbed printer, so if you possess a high-resolution photograph, it would still print quite nicely. Based on the subject material, a little less bright finish may complement the image better even if colors may not be as deep or dark.