HD Custom Acrylic Prints: 5 Components To Expect

by Alex Melen on December 12, 2022

HD Custom Acrylic Prints 5 Components To Expect

In the event that you have ever taken the time to look for custom acrylic prints available on the internet, you have probably already run across the term HD Acrylic Prints. Marketers primarily use this phrase to advertise their bespoke acrylic print products and services. Yet, you may be surprised to learn that an HD acrylic print is identical to its standard face-mounted counterpart. It is only a tactic used in marketing to draw clients. This may be an effective way to sell the item, which is already an HD choice by default. Let us start by talking about the nature of acrylic photo prints. 

Why Are Acrylic Photo Prints So Crisp? 

Because of how light behaves with acrylic, photographic prints made with it are very vivid, colorful, and sharp. It refracts whilst producing an illumination effect for the photograph rather than just passing through the acrylic mount. The airtight link between the picture printing and acrylic printing is another factor in the bespoke acrylic prints' brilliance and high-definition appearance. However, some elements that are introduced to the acrylic printing may give it an additional layer of brightness, definition, and flair. Let us quickly review some of the elements that must always be present in your bespoke acrylic prints. 

What Are the Different Components of HD Acrylic Prints? 

Here are a few of the different components of acrylic prints. 

Face Mounted 

You should be using professional-quality paper made specifically for picture printing to create your personalized acrylic prints. The final printing ought to be mounted on the face. Simply put, prints made on acrylic that are made by printing directly onto the acrylic may look good. It cannot be compared to the acrylic face-mount version, though. 

Metallic Paper 

You will have the opportunity to choose from numerous satin/luster paper varieties as well as metallic paper with the majority of acrylic-based face mounting. This specific paper is the best choice for the photos since it gives them more punch and depth when used with an acrylic mounting. To acquire family photos or other images that call for soft hues, you should choose bespoke acrylic prints rather than those that use shiny paper. 

Acrylic Thickness 

Recall how we spoke about how light is refracted? It follows that the brilliance of your acrylic mount will increase with its thickness. Additionally, you get access to a really fantastic sideways three-dimensional effect. Always take how thick the acrylic is into consideration to meet your desire for brightness if you want a genuinely outstanding and distinctive look. 

Art Lighting 

Customized acrylic prints with top-notch illumination are not something that every print service provider is capable of offering. However, if you are able to acquire these acrylic prints, it might significantly alter the print. Simply said, the acrylic mounting will glow with more pop and brightness under direct illumination. 

Acrylic Type 

The kind is another consideration, in addition to the acrylic mount's thickness, or component. Typically, standard mounts come with your acrylic prints. The non-glare, black, and frosted acrylic mounting, however, are all options.