Here's The Best Way To Hang Up Your Acrylic Wall Art

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022

Decorating your walls is never easy - and half the struggle is in choosing frames for your prints and photos. To make things worse, frames are often pricey, even the smallest dimensions and sizes. Don’t despair, because there are cheap and stylish alternatives to framing your prints. One recommended method is an acrylic wall art display. It’s easy on the wallet, and won’t leave any unsavory holes in the walls for your landlord to nitpick at, if you’re living in a rental or dormitory. Read on for the full guide to an acrylic wall art display!

What You’ll Need

The essentials you’ll need are acrylic and command strips, not forgetting your prints of photography or artwork. A rope is a fun addition that can add texture and dimension to your wall. You will also need tools like measuring tape, an acrylic knife, regular tape, and glue dots. 

Steps to Take

Decide on the dimensions of the acrylic that you’ll want to hang up on your walls. To come to a decision, it may be helpful to do a quick sample layout of the prints and photos you want to display on the floor, then figure out what size of acrylic would be suitable without too much empty space. After buying acrylic and an acrylic cutter, or getting the staff at Home Depot or Lowe’s to cut it for you, you can get straight to arranging your art! You can make sure that the prints have been evenly arranged by using a level. Once you’re satisfied, use the glue dot to stick the art to acrylic. It’s possible to change or replace the art when you feel like it - the glue dots can be easily separated from the art. An optional step would be to include a rope at the back of the acrylic panel for a more interesting look. The only thing left to do would be to stick your command strips to the acrylic, then attach it all to the wall. The larger acrylic piece costs about $40, which is a steal compared to the cost you would incur buying multiple frames!

Experiment with Smaller and Larger Acrylics

Smaller acrylic pieces can also be used to display single prints. You can opt to drill holes in the acrylic with smaller drill bits. Taping off the section which you intend to drill is important, as this ensures that the acrylic won’t shatter. Next, loop a chain of your choice through the hole, which can be used to keep the acrylic up. You can hook the chain onto a clear command hook for a minimalistic look. 

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