How Do You Select Wall Art Size?

by Alex Melen on December 12, 2022

How Do You Select Wall Art Size

Size counts when it relates to wall art. If the size is wrong, something will seem strange. A canvas picture or framed print might be the statement décor your home has been needing. Instead of seeming out of place, you would wish for your wall art to draw the room together and be eye-catching. A room that is too tiny or large may appear unfinished or appear a little crowded. You would like it to be exactly right, and it is possible to achieve this.  We have put together this simple guide to assist you in choosing wall art that is the proper size for your area so that you can be certain your masterpiece fits wonderfully and enhances the space. 

Take Context into Account 

First of all, consider how it will appear in your room and what size works best before you decide to buy that gorgeous canvas or framed artwork. Simply drawing the boundaries of several potential measurements with painter's tape, post it notes, or paper will help you imagine it in the space. After that, you may stand back and appreciate it in all of its glory. We also advise you to use your phone to capture some pictures while you are there. Does a broad panoramic canvas complement the space better than a huge square canvas print in terms of appearance? This is your time to tweak, try various outline sizes, and contrast them all until you discover your preferred one. 

You will want the scale of your art to be ideal for the space, whether you wish to paint a big wall leading up your stairs, the vacant space over your couch, or the blank wall in the bedroom. We are aware that there are situations when rules should be ignored, but when it relates to size, these guidelines are a terrific guide to help you get started. 

General Rules of Sizing 

Let us start with two basic guidelines to assist you choose the appropriate wall art size for your room and improve your decorating abilities. 

The amount of wall surface that is usable, which is essentially the space that has not been covered up by furnishings or moldings—should be 60% to 75% taken up by wall art. Measure the height and the width of the wall first and multiply those dimensions by 0.75 and 0.60. You will then have access to a variety of canvas printing sizes that are suitable for the room. For instance: You could multiply 5 by 0.75 and 9 by 0.6 if you had a bare wall that was 5 feet wide and 9 feet tall. The canvas should have a height between 6.75 and 5.4 inches and a width between 3.75 and 3 inches. 

In order to install wall art over items like beds, fireplaces, and couches, it ought to be between 3/4 and 2/3 the breadth of the item. You may use this formula to determine, for instance, the optimum canvas size to hang above your sofa. Multiply 6 by 0.75 and 0.66 if your couch happens to be 6 feet in width. Consequently, a canvas that was between 4.5 and 3.6 feet broad fit perfectly above the sofa.