How Many Pages Should A Baby Photobook Be

by Alex Melen on January 23, 2023

Nothing beats a photobook when it comes to capturing the precious memories of your baby's first year and beyond. Not only is it a great way to preserve those special moments, but having the collection of photos bound in one keepsake album helps you share those memories with friends and family for years to come. But how many pages should your baby photo book be? Here are some factors that help determine the baby photobook pages.

What You Want to Convey

The number of baby photobook pages in your book is an important decision as it determines how much content you can include and the overall size of your photobook. Before deciding how many pages your baby photo book should be, consider what you want to convey with the photos and stories within those pages. Think about the moments you want to capture and how you want them displayed in the book. If you want to capture every moment from birth until now, more pages are needed for those special memories. However, fewer pages would do the trick if there are certain moments that stand out, or particular activities that truly showcase who your little one is.

The Number of Photos

A great way to determine the number of pages is counting the number of photos to include. With enough photos, multiple photobooks may be needed to preserve all memories. Keep in mind, having too many pages may result in an overwhelming album and make it difficult for viewers to enjoy each photo. 

Parents can opt for a single large album or several mini albums with fewer pages, depending on the number of photos taken during the baby's first year. The main goal should be creating a powerful story from these photographs, as it helps capture special moments that parents and their babies can later treasure. Aim for quality over quantity when deciding how many pages are necessary, and which stories should take priority within these pages.

How Often You Want to Update

When deciding how many pages a baby photobook should be, it's important to consider how often you want to update it. A baby photobook is a great way for parents to capture and remember their little one's precious moments. If you plan on updating the book once or twice a year, 8-10 pages might be perfect for capturing your favorite memories of your growing bundle of joy. On the other hand, if you’re more likely to add new photos every couple of weeks or months, then 16-20 pages should give plenty of space for all those extra snapshots and larger photos that take up more space.

How Often You Want to Make Changes

When deciding how many photobook pages you should have, it's important to consider how often you plan on making changes. After all, if you expect your child to grow quickly and want to update the book frequently, selecting a larger book may be beneficial. On the other hand, if you plan on keeping the same photos in the photobook for months or even years at a time, then opting for fewer pages may be best. The first step is determining how many photos you want to include in your soft-cover baby photobook. This number provides guidance when deciding between different sizes and styles of books. Don't forget that some books offer additional features, such as customizable text boxes for captions, or special pockets for adding mementos.