How Many Pictures Should Be In Your Wedding Album?

by Photo Book Expert on March 16, 2023

How Many Pictures Should Be In Your Wedding Album?

There are some pictures that must be taken on your wedding day and included in your wedding album, but not every couple wants the same kind of pictures on their special day.

You might be wondering how many wedding album pictures to include. This is a question that is never easy to answer because it can be influenced by both your photographer’s input and your personal preferences. Fret not! We're here to assist you in determining the ideal number of images for the best wedding photo album.

Consider Image Sizes and Page Numbers

The outcome of your wedding photo album will be amazing if you use single images that fill two pages (one sheet). However, if you were to do that for every image, there would only be 20 pictures in a 20-page album.

On the other hand, you can include 10 images on a page. However, you generally wouldn't want your album to be filled with tiny images because that would make it appear more like a scrapbook than a tastefully made wedding album.

The best course of action is to plan for an average of 2 to 3 photos per page side and estimate the total number of photos from there.

For instance, you could fit a decent number of images—between 80 and 120—into a 20-page album (40 separate sides).

Consider Chronology

Next, the order of your photos in the photo album is also important. Your images can be grouped into sections like preparations, the ceremony itself, posed pictures with guests, the banquet, and dance. Splitting it into sections as you plan your wedding photo album will give you a good sense of how many images and pages to dedicate to each section, making the process less overwhelming.

However, do also note that this is merely a general guideline. You have the freedom to have fun with it and distribute your photos in some other way that is more desirable.

If you can, it is also always a good idea to seek professional advice so that the order of your images comes out looking professional and aesthetically pleasing. Our dedicated team is always here to offer a layout draft ahead of the printing process so that you can view it first and make adjustments to your liking.

Invest in High Quality Wedding Albums Today

Now, it’s time to put those carefully selected photos into a beautiful, custom-made wedding album. Our heirloom-quality sewn hardcover photo books are handcrafted and customized to your exact specifications. Our basic sewn-bound book has a rich black bonded leather binding with black, white, or gray end leaves. We also offer luxurious full grain leathers, Japanese silks, or photographic wrap bindings for the exterior of the book.

Personalized softcover photo books also make wonderful and affordable presents. They are great gifts for parents, friends, and wedding attendees, as well as for carrying around in your pocket for those rare, unplanned opportunities.

These books are the ideal complement to a hardcover album, with their custom printed soft covers, smooth heavyweight pages, and cutting-edge press printed photographs, text, and subtitles.

Besides the range of high-quality wedding albums we offer, we’re also able to work with you to design the best wedding gifts that suit your needs!