How To Customize 8 x 8 Photo Books

by Alex Melen on August 03, 2022

How To Customize 8X8 Photo Books

Photo books definitely have something in them that creates memories for a lifetime. Since they carry some of your life's precious moments, you will love to have a piece or two in your homes. Whether you go for hardcover photobooks or softcover versions, it does not really matter unless you are after their longevity. It is all about bringing out the best in these photobooks.

Since you have plenty of choices to choose from, expect that softcover photobooks and even hardcover ones also come in different sizes. If you have chosen 8 x 8 photo books, your next task is to learn how to bring out the best in these pieces. Do you want to add your personal touch to these memoirs? Here are tips on how you can customize them.

Buy More when You Need More

What does that have to do with customizing these photo books? Well, come to think of the fact that you may want each of your family members to have a photo book of their own too. If you are to personalize things, it is best to start sorting them that way. The more photo books you have, the better it will be for you to easily customize them.

Documentation Matters

Documenting all your life's milestone moments or your life's firsts – this is part of the reason why you are investing in photo books. When documenting, you may choose between landscape or portrait orientation. You may also want to buy one with a matte finish or those with semi-gloss pages for that bigger impact. Finish things up by using photo covers, and add die cut leather or linen windows if you wish.

Use It to Tell Your Story

No one can dictate what you want to place inside your personalized photobook. It is yours, in the first place, and you have all the right to tell your own story when customizing one. You can start taking photos from a member of the family's birth, then use milestone birthday photographs to add to the pages. Graduations and travels may be added in between. Finish it up with weddings and any other highlight of your life.

Use Tools to Help You With

The good thing about creating photobook pages is you can use online applications or software that will help bring out the best in your photos. Upload your photos and do the editing as you want them to appear in your photobook. That will only take a few minutes. You do not have to go for complex tools out there. As long as you are given choices for layouts, backgrounds, and designs, then you are good to go with your project.

Focus on the Occasion

There are some moments worth capturing that do not need elaborate designs on your photobook, but there are also grander ones that you want to highlight. Whether you choose simple or complicated layouts, it is all yours to decide on. What matters is you reflect on the occasion and see how it should be designed in your own perspective.

When you have brought all these things to mind, you will definitely have a fabulous photobook to display in your homes, for you to share with guests. You will be more than proud once you finish this project.