How To Get Your Kids To Smile And Have Fun During Holiday Family Photo Shoots

by Photo Book Expert on March 16, 2023

How To Get Your Kids To Smile And Have Fun During Holiday Family Photo Shoots

As you are probably aware, taking pictures of children isn't always easy, especially if they have trouble sitting still, let alone smiling and posing beautifully. While photo editing software can save the day, it is simpler to create the ideal holiday card or photo book if you start with good pictures. Here are four ways to make sure both camera-shy and hyperactive kids have fun, whether you're looking for inspiration for holiday greeting cards or ideas for family holiday photo shoots.

Let Them Choose Their Own Outfits

Regardless of age, one loves to wear uncomfortable clothing, like tight jeans or scratchy sweaters. Therefore, even though you'll undoubtedly want your children to look their best, they'll be more cooperative if they feel like they have a say in what they wear. So think about providing them with a few comfy clothing options that complement the setting or style of your photo shoot and letting them choose which one they prefer.

Pick a Seasonal Activity to Capture

Offering a special, out-of-the-ordinary activity for your holiday family photo shoot is another method to keep kids interested. This gives you the opportunity to record unguarded, joyful, and genuine moments.

You may go to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard if you plan to take your family photos for the holidays early. Closer to December, you might want to consider going sledding on a nice snowy day or building a snowman with your kids.

Bring Along Props

The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding props to your photo shoot, such as festive toys and decorations. From ornaments to charming reindeer antler headbands, these items will surely liven up your holiday family photo shoot. Moreover, children are less likely to become distracted if you give them something to engage with and concentrate on.

Gamify the Photo Taking Process

Turning your holiday family photo shoot into a game is the ideal way to boost your kids' enthusiasm. Here are some suggestions to get you going:

  • Make up silly restrictions that they must abide by, such as "no smiling" and "largest smiles" or "silliest face." You could even turn it into a "Simon Says" game.
  • Provide them with 30 seconds to find and bring back a suitable prop (such as "a red object" or "something round") from anywhere in the vicinity of the photo session.
  • Encourage your children to pose as their favorite cartoon character or an animal.

Even though these pictures are unlikely to appear in your official holiday card or photo album, they're sure to induce some giggles and create lasting memories. They also work well at the start of the photo shoot to help your kids loosen up and relax.

Compile the Photos into a Family Photo Album

Now that you’ve captured these priceless memories, it's time to keep some of them in a nice family photo album, along with sending some postcards off to friends and family. A softcover photo book is an affordable way to keep your family pictures, while a hardcover photo book is a premium, coffee-table-worthy option that can be used to store the best-quality images taken on your family vacations.