How To Name Your Wedding Photo Album

by Alex Melen on January 23, 2023

Creating a wedding album is an art in itself. It's an opportunity to capture moments of your special day in a way that will commemorate it for years to come. Choosing the right title or name for your album can be just as important as the photos you include and how you organize them. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect name for your wedding photo album.

Simple yet Elegant

Creating a meaningful and unique name for your wedding book is an important part of the wedding process. Your photos are timeless reminders of your special day that you look back on and remember fondly, so having an elegant title to go with them makes the memories even more enjoyable. The right name for your wedding photo album shouldn’t be overly complicated. It should reflect the wedding’s spirit. Consider including both you and your partner's names, or something related to the date or location of where you tied the knot. Incorporating words such as 'love', 'cherish', and 'forever' adds a romantic touch to any title. Additionally, use phrases like ‘Our Happily Ever After’ or ‘A Day To Remember’, if you feel these better suit your preference.

Go with Something Creative

When naming a wedding photo album, creativity is key. After all, the name of your album is the first things people see when they view it. It’s important to pick something that accurately captures the essence and joy of your special day in just a few words. A creative name allows you to express yourself in a fun, unique way, and adds a touch of personality to your album. To get started, consider using phrases or quotes from songs or poems that have a special meaning for you as a couple.

If you’re religious, including Biblical verses can be an incredibly meaningful way to name your album. Alternatively, use an inside joke between the two of you, play on words with puns or even create a mashup title made up of both of your names!

Pick Something Meaningful

The key is to pick something that captures the sentiment of your wedding day and has special meaning for you and your spouse. When naming your wedding album, consider using a combination of words that reflect your shared history or values. Think about the emotions you experienced on your big day and find words that capture those feelings. You might include important dates, such as when you first met, or got engaged, or even combine names if they’re different lengths, or have multiple syllables. A thoughtful title will ensure looking back at these memories to be a sweet reminder of why you fell in love in the first place!

Use Alliteration

Creating wedding books is a wonderful way to remember your special day. Consider using alliteration when picking out the perfect name to make it even more personal. Alliteration is when two or more words in a phrase begin with the same sound. Start by thinking of adjectives, describing your special day's feelings and energy. Picking words like “magical” or “memorable” can help create a unique title for your album. Think of nouns that invoke emotions associated with being married. Words like “love” or “happiness” are great choices when incorporating alliteration into the name of your photo album.