How To Select The Best Photos For Your Album Book

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022
How To Select The Best Photos For Your Album Book

Have trouble deciding which photos should go into your photo album? As you scroll through the sea of photos stored on your phone or other devices, you fall into a dilemma. We’ve gathered some useful tips and techniques to help you simplify the process. Whether you’ve opted for softcover photo books or hardcover photo books, you’ll be able to create a memorable photo album filled with cherished memories.

Focus on Emotions

A great photo can transport your viewer into the moment. Choose photos that spark emotions, feature the action, or contain interesting details. Let’s say you want to document your child’s birthday party. Should you include wide shots of guests eating? Probably not. The candle-blowing and cake-cutting moments? Yes! Eliminate the ones that only show the big picture and shortlist the ones that speak to you.

The One with a Higher Resolution Wins

Deciding between two similar photos is no easy task. They’re both beautiful shots of the sunset at the beach but you only want to feature one. Go for the one with a higher resolution. A resolution of at least 300 DPI works well. Anything that’s under 150 DPI might result in grainy photos. Avoid grabbing photos off social media or messaging apps as they’re most likely compressed. Find the original source of the photos to get the best quality.

Avoid Dark Photos

To view those images taken in low light, you had to use your phone's maximum brightness setting. Dark photos are hard to view on any device and they contain even fewer details when printed. Avoid using them or if you must, try adjusting their contrast levels with photo editing apps. Keep in mind that your photos may still appear grainy.

Choose Photos that Tell a Story

Tell a story with your photos! Think of the storyline and choose photos to represent each moment. Are you making an album about your child’s graduation? Select photos that best narrate a story about how he has grown from a baby into an adult who’s now ready to take on the world. A photo album about your wedding could begin with your proposal and end with your honeymoon.

Use a Theme

You want to create a photo album featuring food. But you’ve got everything from pizza to sushi and they all look good. Give your photo album a theme. Narrow it down to desserts, Italian food, or Japanese food. That way, your photo book won’t look like it’s a clutter of random photos. You can create any theme. The possibilities are limitless!

Use Textures, Colors, and Tones

Besides focusing on people or stories, you can choose photos based on tones, colors, and textures. If you’re making a travel photo book, you can group photos of the same color theme together. They could be trees, green cars, or a building that’s painted green. Mix and match different combinations to see which one has the best effect. You can even juxtapose photographs with warm and cool color tones to create an interesting contrast.