How To Select Which Photos To Include In Your Wedding Album

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

How To Select Which Photos To Include In Your Wedding Album

Your wedding is a very special time for you and your family, and little wonder that many people would like to remember and cherish the memories for many years to come. Fortunately, wedding albums help you to do just that. You are able to share these memories with your friends and relatives. If you are putting together your wedding album, here are some factors to consider in order to  get the best results.

 Get The Details Right

 One of the ways to ensure that you get your wedding album right is to remember to include details. For example, things that other people might not consider as important help to set the background for your wedding album. What shoes were you wearing, were the wedding vows written down? If so, can you take a photo of the vows? How about wedding bands and so on. Start with photos of these items and anything else that you may find relevant. Remember that these details about something special in your wedding will differ from one couple to another. This customization will go a long way in making your wedding album very special.

 The Preparation

Again, this will differ from one couple to another depending on how their wedding was planned out. How did your wedding day start? Did you get ready in a hotel or at home? Include all the preparations, including makeup and hair dressing (if done on the same day). it is always a great idea to include photos of all the people who helped you prepare. That way, they don’t fade into the background of that special day.

 The First Presentation

One of the most special moments in a wedding is when the groom catches sight of the bride for the first time. Capturing this special moment is always great, especially when the couple revisits the album years later. There are other special moments such as the arrival in the wedding venue and much more.

 Bridal Party

One of the special moments for any wedding is the bridal party. These photos should come next and show the bridal party from all angles. Experienced photographers know how to work with the lighting of the venue to ensure that the bridal party’s beautiful outfits are well contrasted. Select the best of these and put them in the wedding album.

 Bride and Groom

Of course these are the stars of the show and as a result, there should be several photos showing them from different angles. The trick is to mix the photos of the bride and groom in different settings so the images do not appear to be monotonous. You can also have photos of the bride and groom separately just to keep the mix exciting. Don’t put too many of these though.

 Family Formals

it is inevitable that there will be family formals in your wedding photos, and you should use one spread to include them in. They help set the context and years later, will make treasured memories for your kids and grandchildren.

 Actual Ceremony And Reception 

This part is critical as it is the essence of the day. Ensure that you capture the entrance to the venue, the exchange of vows and other important elements of the ceremony. The reception photos should also capture the centerpieces, cake, and seating cards. These photos should also include your friends and loved ones enjoying the ceremony.