How To Take Care Of Your Photos And Album Books

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022


Photobook Press firmly supports and encourages the creation of customized, physical photobooks. Uses range from cherished memories with family and friends to a curation of your favorite photographs. Our professional printing services ensure that these memories will be well preserved within photos and album books. These albums are made to last, so how can you ensure that they live up to their lifelong purpose? Here are some simple tips that ensure your prints and physical albums stay in good shape.

Taking Care of Your Prints

Your prints should be kept out of sunlight. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays will rapidly yellow your print, or cause it to fade. Other factors like heat and humidity can also determine the longevity of your photos. Prints age at a slower pace when stored in cooler temperatures and dryer conditions, while warmer conditions accelerate a photo’s degradation. You should avoid storing your prints in places like damp basements and attics. Extra precautions should be taken before you frame your prints too! Matting before framing is essential, as this adds a layer of protection between the glass and your photograph. Moisture can cause the print to stick to the glass, which may cause tearing when the photo is removed from its frame. Choose frames made of acrylic or UV blocking glass to retain the quality of the prints. 

Storage of individual photographs also requires additional consideration. Acidic materials like wood should be avoided since these environmental pollutants will result in eventual yellowing as time passes, and the print will lose its original color. Opt for acid-free containers to slow down the process. Box storage of photos will require additional sheets of vellum, placed between prints to prevent them from scraping against each other. 

Keeping Albums in Good Shape

The principles of avoiding extreme humidity, moisture, and light also apply to your albums. Exposing your photo books to these conditions may damage covers, binding, or the prints. Keep them in a dry, cool place that’s away from direct sunlight. This is because light and heat cause fading and loss of original color. A photo book lasts longer if it is stored in additional protective materials, like a dust jacket or presentation box. This keeps the album away from elements such as dirt, dust, and UV light. As you flip through the pages of your photo book, always remember to have your hands clean. Any dust or fingerprints can be wiped away with a dry, soft cloth. Never use soaps or water, which can damage your album. If your photobook is warping, it suggests that the album has not acclimated to the temperature and humidity of your home. Set your book down on a level surface, and place weights on top of it evenly. This will help the book to regain its original shape. 

Ordering Prints and Albums from Photobook Press

Now that you know how to take good care of your prints and albums, rest assured that photo books are worthy family investments that will last a lifetime! Create a personalized softcover photo book or hardcover photo book with Photobook Press, enjoying access to superior binding alternatives and paper stock.