Is 8x10 The Most Popular Photo Album Size?

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022

As you live and create memories in life, there are timeless moments you want to keep close by. Be it your best family memories, your graduation, your wedding day, or even your first child, they tell your life story. In addition to storing photos on cloud drives, organizing and commemorating them in photo books make it easy for you to revisit these sweet memories. There are various sizes to choose from, and they all serve different purposes. Although the 8x10 photo album seems to be the most popular size for many people, there are other sizes you can consider. The best one for you will depend on several factors, such as the number of photos, the orientation of images, budget, and purpose. Read on to understand the different sizes to decide if the 8x10 photo album is the best choice for you.

 Portrait Orientation      

 8x10 photo albums are portrait orientated. They are popular for their familiarity with books we know, and they appear more professional with a hardcover. This is why they are the preferred choice for yearbooks and graduation albums. Photographers have the bandwidth to get creative with portrait photographs, creating various looks and feels. So when you have a lot of photos in close-up or creative angles, this will be the best size to display them.

 Landscape Orientation

 Landscape photo albums are 10x8 inches in size, and they carry a more classic look than portrait or square albums. They are ideal for travel photos that showcase panoramic pictures or location pictures. General family photos that capture the many smiles of your big, happy family will look best in the landscape photo album. If you have a lot of larger pictures or photos taken in the landscape format, this is the size to ease your designing process.

 Square Albums

 For a modern and sleek look, go for the square album. Make it more inviting by using a softcover. Its squarish shape makes it an easy canvas to work on; it easily fits in a mix of both portraits and landscape photos. If you have equal numbers of portraits and landscape shots, square albums can accommodate the layouts of the different orientations.

 How to Choose the Right Size

 Now that you understand the size and orientation, here are some tips on how to make the best photo album selection.

 Choose Your Photos: When choosing your photos, stick to about five photos per page unless it is a collage page. Keep some as backups to fill up extra spaces or replace ones that don’t fit into the layout.

 Look at the Ratio of Landscape vs. Portrait Photos: When the album matches the orientation of most of your photos, it makes it easier to lay them out. If there are more landscape photos, go with the landscape 10x8 album; if there are more portrait photos, choose the portrait 8x10 photos. If there is a good mix, the square album is your best choice.

 Choose your Cover and Theme: Choose your cover depending on the memories you are keeping. Softcover photo books are affordable, light, and make great gifts. In contrast, hardcover photo books are sturdy and lasting and give a good first impression.