Is Getting A Professional Wedding Album Worth The Investment?

by Photo Book Expert on March 17, 2023

Is Getting A Professional Wedding Album Worth The Investment?

Nowadays, planning a wedding requires a lot of time and money. A wedding album can become an afterthought, something to handle well after the wedding, which in turn gets easily forgotten over time. In present times, physical wedding albums can seem a bit old-fashioned or traditional. However, we're here to share why investing in a professional wedding album is still worthwhile, and something that will give you endless joy years down the road!

Wedding Albums are Technology-proof

Every area of our lives is continually becoming more digital. It undoubtedly has benefits when it comes to wedding photography—you receive numerous (hundreds, in fact!) photographs documenting every moment of your special day. Additionally, you receive all of your images much more quickly and in a format that allows you to share as many photos as you like with your loved ones. However, we are all aware of the problems that technology can cause. File corruption, computer malfunctions, and lost USBs without a backup are just a few examples.

However, books are timeless, and the same can be said about your wedding album. If you take care of it and keep it securely, it won't become corrupted, disappear on the cloud, or stop working because of an out-of-date format.

Professional Wedding Albums are Lasting and Durable

You've definitely heard of the expression, "You get what you pay for." This holds true for professional wedding albums. They are bound to last through generations and become a family heirloom thanks to the professional way they are crafted. This includes the high-quality photographic printing itself, which assures they won't fade or lose quality like the old photos you fish out of your parents' attic, and the meticulous hand-binding of the album.

Wedding Albums are Tangible

Nothing comes close to the appearance and feel of an exquisite wedding album. The experience of curling  up on the couch with your wedding album, running your hands over the lovely cover, and gently flipping through the pages, remembering the lovely moments of your special day, is unmatched. This just cannot be accomplished by focusing on yet another screen and scrolling through each picture one by one. The same rationale underlies the continued use of paper wedding invitations by so many couples. The way the paper feels in your hands, the embellishments you add, and the envelopes all give the printed version an air of elegance that the digital version simply can't live up to.

Wedding Albums Help You Tell a Story

Your wedding day photos aren't like a little collection of posed family pictures. Your photographer most likely caught many moments that you weren't even aware of, and the result of all those hundreds of pictures is a visual narrative of your wedding day. You can browse through each one separately on your tablet or phone, but that really isn't the ideal way to convey the story. A wedding book layout that has been properly developed will group multiple images onto a double page spread to accurately replicate those priceless moments in the most pleasing, emotive way imaginable.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a premium, luxury wedding album to immortalize your special memories today!