Keep Your Physical Photo Album From Yellowing In 8 Steps

by Photo Book Expert on March 23, 2023

Keep Your Physical Photo Album From Yellowing In 8 Steps

When checking through your family or friends' physical photo albums, you might find several pictures with yellow tinctures. It is annoying to see such discolorations that affect the photograph's endearing nature and the profound memories it carries. The mind-boggling question that many ask is how to prevent a physical photo album from yellowing. Our publication has a comprehensive list of eight steps you can take to avoid the yellowing of the photograph in a physical photo album.

Store Your Photos in Archival Boxes

Despite many people being against storing photos of their loved ones and family members in a box, this is the most effective way to keep them safe. The archival boxes are made with the museum standards, offering secure protection thanks to the metallic corners and acid-free boards that won’t turn your photos yellow.

Place Photos in a Climate Controlled Area

Once the photos are safely stored in suitable storage, they should be placed in a controlled climate. It is a safe region that is not very warm, cold, or humid. Environment plays a huge role in keeping your physical photo album in good shape for the longest time. Therefore, all the necessary conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and moisture, must be at average levels.

Keep Photos Away from Direct Sunlight

Despite sunlight being essential during photo shoots, it turns out to be deadly to the final printed photos. You are always advised to keep your physical photo album far from direct light. That can either be sunlight or artificial light. Light reacts with the papers through oxidation and brings about yellow discolorations.

Keep Off Any Foreign Objects

When storing your physical photo album, you should keep it away from other objects. This includes notepapers and other pieces of paper that are likely to be transfer agents of acid and abrasion. As we have seen above, any photo that comes into contact with acid will most likely begin to form yellow tints.

Avoid Magnetic Physical Photo Albums

You might have been convinced that magnetic photo albums are perfect for organizing your photos. Unfortunately, the excellent quality of the images will only last for a while. The magnetic pages make the photos stick and become adhesive to the pages.

Go For pH Neutral Physical Photo Albums

pH level is vital in preserving your photos in a physical photo album. You are advised to secure a physical photo album that isn’t too acidic or alkaline.

Attach a Safe Index Card to the Photos

You should avoid writing on the back of the photos you plan on storing in the physical photo album. The ink and other elements might react to the photo paper and bring about yellowing. Instead, use an index card to note down details about the photographs.

Use Pencils to Write on the Photos

It is the best remedy if you have to describe the photo details. Unlike ink pens, pencils do not interact with the photo harmfully.

Time to Protect Your Photo Album

Photos carry more than just memories and are very special to many. Unfortunately, photos always degrade in time, and one particular problem is yellowing. However, with the information above, you have no room to worry about your physical photo album yellowing anymore. Follow the steps provided and secure your family and loved ones' photos for the longest time possible.