Layflat Album Is Different Than Ordinary Photobook: Here's Why

by Alex Melen on August 03, 2022

Layflat Album Is Different Than Ordinary Photobook Here S Why

Photobooks are great pieces to store memories. It carries photos of the entire gang whenever there are achievements, milestones, and firsts in each one's lives. While most of you may be familiar with the ordinary photobook, where binding is used to put all the pages together, there is one innovation in this world that definitely makes the difference. This one is called the layflat photo album.

The Layflat Photobook

Layflat photobooks can be created using different photobook sizes. This one opens totally flat, meaning, there is lesser chance that it will damage the binding. This is very much a favorite for those wanting to print an image over page spreads, because the line that divides the two pages are not as visible when compared to ordinary image printing over two pages.

What's in a Layflat Photobook?

Layflat books usually use different types of paper, most of them are premium in terms of quality. Back to back pages of the book are glued using a thin insert in order to create an ultra-thick page. Commonly these books can have 20 to 110 pages, that is a bit thinner when compared to ordinary types of photo albums that can carry up to 440 pages, depending on the paper used to make one.

What Else is there to Expect with a Layflat Book?

Each page spread in a layflat book uses one continuous sheet of paper that is folded down on the center before it is glued to the next spread. This is a very distinct way of binding the photobooks when compared to traditional binding where individual pages are glued into the binding. Add to that, they have a hardcover on them, for durability and longevity.

Some layflat books use end sheets, others don't. One distinct characteristic of the layflat is that you can actually have your ordinary photobook converted to such a design. You simply need to ask the provider how you can have the existing book converted or upgraded.

Reasons to Love the Layflat Design for Your Photobook

Your ordinary photobook is as good as other types of photobooks when storing your most precious photographs. If you want to take things a notch, however, you can always choose the layflat design instead. This, after all is designed to endure, and has been beautifully crafted using the highest quality materials. These said, you will find a stunning way to preserve your life's most precious methods. Those panoramic images seamlessly print over a two-page spread, no creases whatsoever.

How to Take Advantage of the Layflat Album

It is all a matter of choosing the right images to go into each page. Your photobook will shine better if you have the perfect pictures to go in there. It is no longer a problem producing the pages at high quality. With quality paper stocks used by many service providers out there, you will definitely be able to take advantage of the benefits of using a layflat album.

Now that you are familiar with the beauty and durability of a layflat book, it is high time to try one and see the difference it offers.