Making Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

by Photo Book Expert on December 06, 2021
Wedding memories

Want to be able to look back on your wedding day and see every moment in vivid color?

The best way to do this is with a custom wedding photo book rather than an old school wedding photo album. While photo albums are still great ways to keep your photos all in one place, they can be severely limiting when you want to share your wedding memories with your friends and family.

Today, let’s plan out your custom wedding photo book step by step!

Choose Your Favorite Images

Any worthwhile wedding photo book is, obviously, going to be full to the brim of the most adorable, beautiful photos of your special day. It’s important to spend the time you need to really hone your selection down to the best possible pictures. Sit down with your spouse and perhaps a few close friends to determine which pictures should be immortalized forever in a photo book.

As a warning, this is harder than it sounds! It’s not often that you have to pore over hundreds of high-quality photos of yourself, especially from one of the most important and magical days of your life. Be prepared to feel a huge rush of different emotions – but savor the moment because those feelings are all part of the fun of creating your wedding photo book!

Tell the Whole Story

Remember: you shouldn’t feel pressured to please anyone with your custom wedding photo book. It’s your wedding, your life, and your memories – so make it truly yours!

The biggest part of this is telling the whole story from start to finish. We don’t necessarily mean you have to include photos from before you got married, but make sure to craft a sort of narrative with the way you order the photographs.

If you had a professional photographer taking pictures all day, the photos surely capture every minor detail of your wedding. Choosing the best pictures from every moment will keep close to the storyline without leaving anything important out!

Designing Your Wedding Photo Book

  1. Choose the size and style for your photo book. Whether you want to choose from a variety of wedding photo book template options or design your own layout from scratch, your professional wedding photo book printing company will work with you closely on its size and style.
  2. Select hardcover or softcover for your photo book binding. Softcover photo books will be far more affordable if your goal is to print multiple copies and send them to friends and family. Hardcover wedding photo books are like treasures unto themselves, which can be proudly displayed for years to come.
  3. Pick an image to be the cover photo for your photo book, or simply go with a solid color. Do you have a favorite image from your wedding day that perfectly encapsulates the mood and story you want to tell? If so, choose it for the cover – or simply choose one of the traditional wedding photo book cover designs your printing partner makes available.
  4. Determine which photos will be included and their order/placement on each page. Create a digital photo album first with numbered photos so both you and your wedding photo book printer understand your desires for the flow of images.
  5. Place your order with your custom wedding photo book printing partner! Determine the number of photo books you want to print as well as any other custom options you want for your wedding photo book. Now all you have to do is wait for it to arrive!

Ready to get started planning your wedding photo book? Get in touch with the team at PhotoBook Press today!