Personalized Photo Board Book For A Baby Shower: What You Should Know

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

Personalized Photo Board Book For A Baby Shower What You Should Know

Baby shower gifts are, for the most part, pretty routine. Wouldn't you like to give something that was a guaranteed stand out? Something truly memorable. You might want to think about giving a personalized photo board book for baby showers from now until all your friends stop having babies. Of course, then it might be time to start giving those kinds of books to your grown children for the birth of your grandkids!

Fortunately, personalized photo board books are always a gift that is both appreciated and appropriate. Here are some tips on personalizing such an endeavor.

Before You Personalize Your Photo Book

Personalizing your photo book gift can only be done after you create the book itself. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Choose an online photo products company/source to assist you in assembling/creating a photo book (see last paragraph).
  • Choose either a hardcover or softcover book and the size of the book.
  • Choose the pictures you think you'd like to include.
  • Check out all of the page layouts and decide which one will work best for your project.

You may need to make additional decisions such as paper quality, print colors and fonts, whether the back page/cover will have a photo or not, etc.

Personalizing Your Photo Book

The pictures you choose for a photo book gift will help to determine just how personal the book is going to be. The tone of the book will be set by the feeling the pictures generate. Here are some suggestions for ways to personalize the photo book you’re creating:

  • Captions under pictures, to help explain what's going on in the photo, will assist with personalization.
  • Whenever possible, add the names of people in the photos to help you personalize the gift.
  • Note locations as well to make the book feel more personal.
  • Write a dedication for the front of the book.
  • On the back cover, note the person who created the photo album and is giving the gift (probably you).
  • Have the cover itself inscribed with gold or silver print.
  • Along with the photo book gift, include a gift note talking about your relationship with the person you're giving the gift to, a brief synopsis of what the book entails, etc.

Photobook Press Can Will Create Your Next Shower Gift – A Personalized Photo Board Book For Baby

We, at Photobook Press, want to help you present the mom and/or dad-to-be with the perfect gift. What could be more appropriate than a personalized photo board book for baby? It's easy to build the photo board book you would like to order on our website. Just follow the prompts.

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