Preventing 5 Common Mistakes When Customizing Photo Albums

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

Preventing 5 Common Mistakes When Customizing Photo Albums

If you've ever assembled a physical photo album by hand, you know it can be hard. You have to…

  • Find just the right notebook/photo book for your purpose
  • Decide which pictures are best for your project
  • Consider spacing and page arrangement
  • Make sure all of the pictures are lined up beautifully
  • Print captions under each picture and/or glue them in
  • Figure what to do if you still have photos leftover – you may end up buying extra pages
  • … and more

Fortunately, with today's option of online photo book making (and software), it's easier than ever to create custom photo albums. You might still have a problem narrowing down the pictures, but the process is easy and streamlined. You can now go online, follow the prompts, and build a beautiful custom photo album in no time.

However, people still tend to make mistakes if they're not careful – that's just human nature. We are going to go over some of the most common mistakes involved in a process like this to help you avoid them.

Don't Make These Mistakes

  • Don't choose photos that are low resolution, too dark, blurry, and/or poor quality.
  • Don't crowd pictures. Make sure the layout for each page is spacious enough to not feel too busy and leave room for captions if you're going to use them.
  • If you are using captions, a title, etc., don't just write it down quickly and forget about it. Make sure names, dates, locations, and your spelling are all correct.
  • Don't include too many pages or too few pages. Between 10 and 20 pages is a relatively common choice for a photo book.
  • One more! Don't Go with a Fly-By-Night Company – Only Entrust Your Photos To Reputable Experts

    If you go with an online source or software that is trusted and reputable, you stand a better chance of ending up with a desirable finished product. Check for reviews to see if anyone has experienced difficulties with the company or software you intend to use. If difficulties were experienced, were they resolved satisfactorily?

    If you’re going with an online source, check the website. Is it easy to navigate? Do they give you step-by-step instructions and/or prompts? Is it easy to move pictures around or change the layout if you so choose?

    Here's one company you can turn to for easy-to-follow instructions, quality products, a selection of project types, and more…

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