Should You Go With Custom Gift Cards Or Certificates?

by Alex Melen on December 12, 2022

Should You Go With Custom Gift Cards Or Certificates

Over the years, gift vouchers have become the norm for many small companies. Gift cards are a fantastic illustration of how, as technology develops, certain solutions that were previously exclusively available to big businesses are slowly making their way to mom-and-pop stores. To help you choose wisely for your company, allow us to explain in great detail the subtle distinctions between gift cards and gift certificates

What Are the Main Differences between a Gift Card and a Gift Certificate? 

Traditionally, gift certificates have been printed onto paper or somewhat thicker card-stock, both of which are highly vulnerable to damage. A worker will handwrite the gift certificate's worth after a transaction. Although some establishments allow use across several trips, this amount is normally utilized in a single visit. There are 2 approaches to provide multiple occasion usage: either you provide a fresh gift certificate each time valid for the fresh amount or you mark the original certificate with the leftover quantities after every use. 

On a surface made of plastic, which is substantially more resilient, gift cards are printed. There are two types of gift cards: those with a face value, which do not need to be recorded via a point of purchase system, and those that can be reloaded, which must be monitored through a POS system. If the cards are processed by a single-use face value card or a POS system, there is significantly less possibility for inaccuracy than if a worker manually puts the new value on the cards. 

Typically, gift cards feature a magnetic stripe or a barcode that allows the information to be sent into the payment system. It is possible to keep track of the cards which have been purchased thanks to this. Gift certificates typically just have the value stated on them, but occasionally a number or a barcode will be inscribed. You would not be able to monitor crucial information if you do not have a payment gateway to register the gift. 

Should One Substitute Gift Certificates with Gift Cards? 

Compared to gift certificates, which must be thrown away right away after use, gift cards may be renewed and are a terrific ecological alternative. A densely packed polyolefin mixture that is utilized to print numerous gift cards is being converted into wholesale plastics for everyday usage, including plastic lumber, picnic tables, and industrial signage. 

Since converting from gift cards to gift certificates, businesses have seen a considerable rise in sales. Many people credit the practicality and robustness of the gift card for this. Due to convenience, customers will frequently keep their gift cards inside their wallets. The value of having that portable billboard with your customers at all times is immeasurable. Gift cards may provide a design that perfectly reflects the caliber of your company thanks to the variety of alternatives accessible. Every day, new possibilities, ranging from transparent to bespoke forms, become available. We do not want to boast, but we have an outstanding design department that can create a custom gift card template that is ideal for your company.