Should You Have A Newborn Photography Session At Home Or In A Studio?

by Alex Melen on January 23, 2023

Expecting a baby is an exciting, magical experience. While memories of your newborn always remain special, a newborn photography session is a great way to capture those first few weeks. When deciding where to have your newborn photography session, there are many factors to consider that make one option better than another.

Here are five things to consider when deciding between having your newborn photography session at home or in a studio.

Amazing Props and Backdrops

Studio photography provides amazing props and backdrops, unlike anything you could ever set up in your home. With experienced photographers in the studio, they have access to tons of props and backdrops you won’t find at home. The variety they offer ensures you get the best shots of your baby’s first memories. Photographers know how to use props and backdrops effectively, making sure each shot looks professional, with perfect lighting and angles, creating images to be cherished forever!

Lighting Equipment

While some parents prefer having a session done in their home, there are many reasons why going to a studio is the better option. The biggest reason to choose studio over a home is the lighting equipment available. Professional studios have state-of-the-art lighting systems that help create stunning images. This creates even lighting across your entire image, so you won't have dark spots or uneven tones, unlike lights from a window or lamp. Also, you won't have shadows or harsh reflections with studio lighting!

Quality Prints

As parents, you want to ensure high quality prints are added to your photo book. That’s why having a newborn photography session at a studio is recommended higher over having it at home. Professional studios have resources and facilities for taking high-quality photographs, like professional lighting and backdrops that create beautiful, timeless images.

Furthermore, experienced photographers have extensive knowledge of capturing babies at their cutest angles and best moments. With professionals taking care of your baby's photo session, you can rest assured each image is crafted with expertise, capturing all the nuances of your beloved little one. Ultimately, having a newborn photography session at a studio guarantees beautiful photos you can cherish forever in your photo book!


There are several reasons why a studio setting for a newborn photography shoot is best. The most important reason is it provides the necessary sanitation and equipment for a safe photo shoot. Professional studios use ultra-hygienic surfaces and equipment to ensure no bacteria or germs that might affect your baby’s health during the photo shoot are present. Furthermore, these studios employ experienced photographers who know how to handle and pose babies safely to get beautiful photos, without putting them at risk of injury or discomfort.

High-Quality Camera

Hiring a professional photographer at a reputable studio is always best to ensure you get the highest quality images of your baby's first month. At a professional studio, photographers use high-quality cameras and equipment designed specifically for newborn photography sessions. This ensures the images taken will be beautiful, and perfectly capture every detail of your sweet baby.