Standard Vs. Layflat Photo Album: What's The Difference?

Standard Vs. Layflat Photo Album: What's The Difference?

Whether you’re a photographer, or just an individual who enjoys taking photos, putting your best pictures into a photo album is the best way to consolidate your memories and work into one place, to share with friends, family, or clients. By selecting the best storybook to share your memories, you may preserve them as the ultimate memento. The type of photo book or photo album you select will largely depend on your preferences. Once you are aware of the differences between a standard vs layflat photo album, you may choose the option that is best for you.

What are Standard Photo Albums?

Digital presses print standard photo books on double-sided paper, and the pages are then folded magazine-style.

It's the ideal way to preserve your digital images before they are lost and to relive your weekend vacation, travel, or family experiences. Standard photo books can also serve as quick personalized gifts for friends and family, on occasions such as birthdays or graduations!

What are Layflat Photo Albums?

Layflat photo albums are the most luxurious keepsakes and are constructed using thick, lay-flat pages. They offer the quality of a professional photographer’s album with durable and sleek results. The pages of layflat photo albums are hand mounted on white or black boards and lay perfectly flat. This creates a seamless spread across every page of the whole book, without affecting the gutter. It allows the photos to run smoothly across two pages and is perfect for panorama or landscape photography.

It is also the more premium option, which makes it suitable for extra special occasions such as weddings or to feature your professional work.

Key Differences between Layflat and Standard Albums

​​The layflat album features stronger binding for each individual page, if you examine it closely. This makes it durable for longer term use or frequent browsing.

Moreover, the layflat album is larger than the standard album because of its thicker pages, despite the fact that the latter usually has more pages.

Lastly, layflat albums typically have hard or padded covers, while standard albums may come in both soft and hard covers.

Which Photo Album Type Should You Go With?

Ultimately, the type of photo album to purchase depends on your purpose for it as well as your budget. Layflat books enable your favorite images to display your photography in its maximum resolution form and spread naturally across both open pages. This makes it very visually appealing for users flipping through the album. The cover is a glossy hardcover, and the text pages are printed on thick paper with a lustre finish. While it is more costly then a standard photo album, due to the more intricate way it is constructed, it is a worthwhile investment for many.

On the other hand, a personalized printed softcover photo book is your best option for value and quality, whether they are priceless memories or photos for a personal project. Our softcover standard albums feature a gloss finish, and the text pages are printed on a high-quality silk material.

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