The Importance Of Wall Art In Interior Design

by Alex Melen on November 02, 2022

The Importance Of Wall Art In Interior Design

Wall art is considered as an afterthought far too often in interior design. If it is ever dealt with at all, it is the last thing done, long after the last coat of paint has dried on the walls and all the furniture has been tastefully placed. Don't worry if you're apprehensive about using wall art so prominently in your design ideas. Use this article as a guide to learn about the importance of wall art in interior design.

It Offers An Instant Color Palette

One of the most challenging parts of interior design is picking a color scheme. It might feel like there are many different paint colors available at your neighborhood home improvement shop. It might be challenging to choose the colors that best reflect your vision for the area from the wide range of potential choices. Our best recommendation is to put the paint chips aside and concentrate on looking for wall art. You might utilize the artwork or wall hanging that you simply like as the model for the final color scheme of your space.

It Creates A Focal Point

Every room requires a a single design feature, or a focal point, to pull the eye in and give the spectator a feeling of what to anticipate. This is one of the most fundamental concepts of interior design. It should go without saying that a fantastic work of wall art may easily take this place. Imagine your favorite piece of art boldly displaying itself over the bed in your master bedroom or hanging above the mantle of a fireplace in your living area. As an alternative, a few hanging tapestries or a creative gallery wall might immediately liven up a more formal dining room or sitting area. The most crucial factor to take into account when selecting a piece of wall art to serve as the main point of your room is size. A piece of art that is too little will be dwarfed by the other furnishings in the room, while a piece that is too large will seem to be overflowing. Make sure to measure the available wall space so you are aware of how much space you have.

It Brings A Sense Of Texture

You should look for art in a range of various media to assist provide a variable feeling of texture to the room, even if some pieces may be two-dimensional paintings or similar.

You could think about adding items like shadow boxes or sculptures that may give the area some dimension in addition to paintings and prints. You may also think about creating a modest mixed media exhibit using screens and digital art if your taste is more avant-garde. These added textures may assist give your interiors the much-needed visual weight that will help establish the mood or feel of the space. Consider that rough textures are more likely to provide a cozy, grounded feeling in a place, while smooth textures create a sleeker, more aloof atmosphere.

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