The Proper Way To Keep Your Family Photo Book

by Photo Book Expert on March 17, 2023

The Proper Way To Keep Your Family Photo Book

The memories you have are priceless. You can best honor memories captured in photos by safekeeping them in customisable softcover or hardcover photo books and storing them in the best way possible. Your photos provide an insight into your life story, cherished moments, and legacy. It’s something you can pass on as sort of a family heirloom to future generations, so it's important that you maintain its condition as best you can. Here are five excellent ways to keep your family photo book safe and sound.

Handle with Care

You should be careful when handling any photo paper that is not encased in glass or a frame. Although all our photo books are sturdy, human hands contain oils and salt, which can still damage a print over time. As you settle down to appreciate the memories, we advise that you use your fingertips to turn the pages. Additionally, you should ensure that anyone else viewing your photo books has clean hands before doing so. If you spot a fingerprint on your photo paper, carefully buff it out with a soft, dry cloth.

Beware of Sunlight and Humidity Conditions

Your picture books may suffer from the harmful effects of humidity and sunlight if they are not stored in the right environment. Your photo books should ideally be kept at room temperature. Additionally, photo sheets may "stick" together if moisture becomes trapped between them due to humidity. If you try to separate them after they've already stuck together, the paper can rip.

It's also important to note that photo books shouldn't be kept in direct sunlight because their colors will deteriorate over time. This means that you shouldn't keep it in a basement where water or, worse, mold and mildew could grow. The same holds true for your attic as well. Heat rises, and the attic can become quite hot. Changing humidity levels can irreversibly damage your photo books. In order to protect your photo book for future generations, you want to take these natural elements into consideration when deciding where to store your photo book.

Lay Them Flat

Keep your photo book flat when storing it. In other words, avoid placing it upright on a bookshelf. It should lie horizontally or flat instead. This lessens the likelihood of the pages bending. Over time, photos that are left upright on their own will warp.

Get Archival Boxes

It is advised that you purchase an archival photo box for your photo books. These are the greatest compliments to your photo albums. The best assurance that your gorgeous photo books will survive the test of time is to store them in archival boxes. You can create a smaller, more controlled environment that provides protection from dust, UV radiation, and accidents from human handling by using archival photo book boxes.

Avoid Storing It in High-traffic Areas

You may be tempted to display your photo book in an area where everyone can see it. However, the trade off with this is the potential that a sneeze, spilled drink, or water from a visitor’s overcoat can easily damage your book and cause the pages to stick together. The pages in photo books have a surface coating that tends to stick to the print beside it when it gets wet and dries. Hence, to preserve your photo book, you might want to store it in a low footfall area and only bring it out for viewing during special occasions.

With these tips in mind, you can safely store your photo books for generations to come!