Things Not To Do When Ordering Custom Business Cards Online

by Alex Melen on November 02, 2022

Things Not To Do When Ordering Custom Business Cards Online

The present era offers a variety of cutting-edge services that simplify your life and provide you more free time to do the things you desire. One of the benefits of living in the digital era is being able to get business cards online.

It's simple to purchase, upload, and modify business cards from Photobook Press, pick them up the same day, or have them mailed to your home or place of business if you need them right away. Here are several mistakes that businesses often make when ordering custom business cards online.

Too Little or Too Much Info

Overloading or underloading the card with information is one of the most frequent business card errors. Even worse is if the data is incorrect.

You should at the very least include your name, the name of your company, and any relevant contact details, such as an email address, a phone number, and any social media handles. Without this important information, potential customers would have a difficult time finding you.

This situation also has a flip side. A business card with too much information might lose any potential customers' attention. They could feel bothered and overburdened. A business card is not a very huge piece of real estate, so choose your words carefully.

Blurry Pictures

You want a potential client or customer to be pleased by the exceptional quality of your business card when you present it to them. If you add hazy images and challenging-to-read text, it does not favorably portray your business.

Small Text

You don't want the writing on your business card to be so small that it requires your consumers to read it with a magnifying glass. Make sure the content is written in the proper typeface to avoid having a low-quality impression.

It suggests that you don't care about your clients or that you didn't take their needs into mind when designing this page if the content is difficult to read or unreadable.

Not Minding the Edge

You risk having truncated language if you write on your business card to the edges as you would a piece of paper. This may skew the information your clients require to get in touch with you or otherwise obstruct contact efforts.

The critical information in the middle of your card should have a lot of space surrounding it. Similarly, make sure that any logos or important images are not needlessly clipped.

Ordering Too Many

The opportunity to check your work is one of the best aspects of ordering business cards online. But ordering too many business cards at once is one of the greatest errors that individuals make.

You can't use the cards created to represent your business if the graphic is pixelated, the photo is fuzzy, or part of the contact information is incorrect. It is preferable to recycle just a set of 50 than a set of 500 as you will need to purchase a fresh batch.

Start small, and after the cards are received, double-check them. If you're satisfied, you may place a second purchase for a larger quantity of standard business cards. Small firms in particular don't have a lot of overhead, so it's important to be aware of these unnecessary costs.