Three Reasons Why You Should Print a Custom Photo Book

by Photo Book Expert on September 13, 2021
Three Reasons Why You Should Print a Custom Photo Book

How many old phones do you have? What about old laptops, PCs, or hard drives gathering dust?

How many pictures do you have spread across each of those aging electronics?

Unless you always retrieve your old files and keep them organized on your newest devices, you’re prone to misplacing or altogether losing countless memories to the ravages of time. At Photobook Press, we believe that losing so many memories is tantamount to a loss of life.

That’s why we firmly support creating physical, customized photobooks. Whether you are preserving memories of time spent with family and friends, documenting moments of your life, or creating a printed version of your favorite digital photography work, a custom photobook is the ideal solution.

Let’s explore the benefits of printed custom photobooks in more detail.

Here are 3 reasons you should hire a custom photobook printer for your favorite images.

1. Custom Photo Books Provide Peace of Mind

Those old devices that store your photos can break, accidentally become formatted (wiped clean), become lost, stolen, or otherwise. Even would-be solutions to this like online cloud storage can become unwieldy or confusing over time as the files within are migrated to different hosts and locked away behind forgettable passwords and strange website login procedures.

But with a physical custom photobook printed by a professional book printer, you’ll be able to significantly mitigate the risks of losing those memories. By investing in a custom photobook, you can rest assured that those images, and indeed those memories, cannot be deleted. Not only will your photobook be a material record of those events, but it will also act as a proud decoration for any room.


2. Photo Books Make Excellent Gifts

Giving a family member, friend, or even a colleague a custom-printed photobook is a way to solidify memories and relationships for years (or even decades) to come. There are countless ways to create a photobook for a gift – myriad design styles, and a virtually infinite number of ways to combine your photos to tell a unique story.

When you give a photobook as a gift, you’ll stand out as a more meaningful giver. People who receive photobooks gain an object that will stand the test of time and act as a time capsule to a previous time, enabling them to relive precious or otherwise important memories.


3. Photo Books Provide Immeasurable Return on Investment

Printing a custom photobook allows you to frame important memories your way and tell the stories that helped shape many lives. There are truly very few objects that can deliver on such a grand promise. Plus, they’re fun to create, especially with easy-to-use templates and creator tools that make the entire process straightforward and enjoyable for creators.

When you decide to invest in a custom-printed photobook, the money you spend can be seen as an investment in your future and the future of anyone you share it with. In doing so, you’ll ensure that future is richer and more meaningful – after all, you’ll be able to see where you came from any time you open up your photobook.

To learn more about creating a custom photobook, contact the team at PhotoBook Press today.